Large fish kill reported in Lake Auburn

AUGUSTA (AP) — The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is investigating a large fish kill in Lake Auburn caused by a lack of oxygen.

The fish kill, which began late last week, involves lake trout or togue, some suckers and other deep-dwelling lake fish.

Regional fisheries biologist Francis Brautigam says the lack of dissolved oxygen in the cooler, deeper parts of the lake causes fish to suffocate.

The Auburn Water District and Lewiston Water Division are cooperating with state biologists to monitor increased algae activity on Lake Auburn. Public drinking water quality has not been affected.

Lake Auburn's long been a good lake trout fishery with high water quality. But it's been added to the state's watch list as a result of deteriorating water quality and fall algae bloom.

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this can be fixed.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Hope , How large was that

Hope ,
How large was that fish ?
Gov. Le Page should bring his Sierra Club ® in for a look \ see ( s e r i o u s ly though ). They are in his back pocket now
Several years ago Harrison public schools couldn't drink the water . . ....
Out houses are still legal in ME and HI
hth , ? Steve

Dan Bilodeau's picture


By bringing in lots of equipment to get more oxygen in the water? :(.....MAYBE STOP THE LOGGING THAT THE COMMISSION IS DOING ON THE SHORES OF LAKE AUBURN. The BMP's (best management practices) for forestry is less stringent than the state BMP's for commercial development however the water regulator's have not endorsed this more stringent practice. Thousands of tons of muddy soils went into Lake Auburn last year and today, off the Whitman Spring Road trail, you can see thousands more heading into the lake from the most recent cut. I am not saying this can't be properly managed if the correct BMP manual is used for the job, especially being so close to the community water supply.


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