Gray kindergartner dropped off at wrong place

GRAY (AP) — School officials in Gray are investigating after a 5-year-old kindergartner was left alone outside her empty house by a school bus driver.

Katie Capponi says she followed procedure and wrote a letter to her daughter Abigail's school telling them to drop her off at a day care center and not at home on Thursday.

Capponi tells WMTW-TV she even verbally informed the substitute bus driver on Thursday morning to take the girl to day care.

Capponi says she got a call from the day care center telling her Abigail was never dropped off.

Capponi's husband raced home and found the girl crying on the porch. The family estimates she was alone for about 40 minutes.

Superintendent Bruce Beasley says the school is investigating and reviewing procedures.

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

I've never seen the handbooks but....

I can see two mistakes made in this case. Not necessarily from negligence just poor communication.
First there was a substitute driver involved, RED FLAG, second, calling either the school, or bus dispatch first thing in the morning could be in vane. Things are very hectic at that time for both. In a perfect world, the school should have notified the bus dispatcher with the information. The dispatcher would have known there was a temp and made sure the driver is aware of the drop off change.
The driver NEVER should have left a five year old unattended, no adult, back to school. (we didn't have radios or cell phones back then). That was the rule thirty years ago, We didn't rely on hand books, we used common sense.
If I were the parent, I would have made a follow up call to the school around mid day, and verify the information is in the right hands. Never assume the chain will not break, there's always going to be that one person who drops the ball.........

Kim Berry's picture


I can see why people are pissed about this, BUT you need to CALL THE BUS GARRAGE TOO make any one day change. Calling the school, you might ASSUME the correct information gets to the bus garrage, but apparently, not reliable enough. I ALWAYS call the dispatcher/garrage.

I take no chances with my little one. I unsderstand why the bus driver went to drop the child off where they drop the child off every single day. The NO ADULT present SHOULDVE initiated a call to their dispatcher "hello, so & so's adult is not at the bus stop, has there been a drop off plan change?" dahhh! ok? That's the only thing that I have a question about. Is that child dropped off there with no adult there normally? It depends on the age of the child. No adult needs to present, depending on the age. Did the kid speak up? Did the parents discuss that day, where they were going? More details would represent a fair look at the facts here, in this story.

Our school is pretty good about getting right on the radio and radioing dispatch to ask a question, as soon as something isnt right. Parents, take responsibility for your plan changes. Make the extra phone call, take care of business! :) Not tryin' to piss any one off, but seriously, I have been there, and not had any issues.

Kristina Gailloux's picture

i think if u are going to

i think if u are going to comment about something, especially when its involving children you should pay attention to what your reading b4 you comment!

Kristina Gailloux's picture

i've never heard of parents

i've never heard of parents contacting the bus garage about a change in plans for a day, its the schools responsibilty...they handbook only says to send notes with their children to the school.

Kim Berry's picture

oops, was distracted ...

... didnt read the whole thing I guess. Sorry about that. I was doing a few things at once, earlier.
... OK, I see it was a kindergarten child age 5. Our school does not allow children that age to be dropped off unless an adult is there at the stop. Now, that would piss me off too, as a mother I understand their frustration. The paper said she called the school. But, WGME says she wrote a note. So, no wonder there was some unanswered questions there.

My child was shy at age 5 as well. But, she will speak up, when she realizes she is heading to the wrong location. She actually fell asleep on the bus, didnt get off at her school, they didnt realize she was still there until they got to another school to unload those students. She was upset & knew where she was, knew where she was supposed to be & was pretty vocal about it.

I was pissed even so. Although she was not in any harm at all, or alone, still, I was frustrated.
I sure hope this little one is going to be ok, & that the school will be more accurate about their communications from parents about route changes & deliver the message to the bus drivers! gheeese!

MICHAEL FOX's picture

Missed the point

Apparently, you did not read the entire story.

The child was 5. Some children are bashful, and may not speak up. The child may have also forgotten that it was daycare day.

There is no excuse for this at all. Our district has a policy that any child under 12 must have an adult present to get off the bus. I would assume Gray/NG is the same, and the driver should be terminated. I know it was just a substitute, but the rules were evidently broken here.

I'm glad the child was fine and hope the parents persue this further legally.

Kristina Gailloux's picture

so sad

That makes me so sad because my daughter just started kindergarten and I can't imagine if she had to be alone like that. That's why it's important for bus drivers to wait until they see an adult outside with the child before leaving or even letting the kid off the bus. It's also important for the schools to look into they are hiring for subs, because obviously this one had no brain! So sorry for the little girl for having to go through that.


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