G. Hutchinson: Debasing the sanctity of marriage

The sanctity of heterosexual marriage involves much more than just love. It is the lawful procreation of the species and the creation of families. Its responsibilities have stood the test of time.

God has physically configured humans for a purpose, not to be an anomaly of nature.

The bulk of the population has little contact with homosexuals unless they live where homosexuals are gathered. Therefore, a minority can change laws because of a lack of concern by the majority.

Homosexuals and lesbians wish to debase the sanctity of marriage for their material gain. It is not a question of equality. It is a question of morality.

They have civil unions now. Why do they wish to debase the sanctity of heterosexual marriage?

Gary Hutchinson, Carthage

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MARC A JALBERT's picture


I believe the question you need to resolve in your mind is: "How will the marriage of two people same sex persons affect your life"? Answer: Nothing.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

How does the prohibition of

How does the prohibition of same sex marriage affect your life, Marc?

MARC A JALBERT's picture


I doesn't affect my life either way. I believe in live and let live.

 's picture

debase what?

I'm not sure I understand. If two heteros get married for love, and they do not procreate, is that an unlawful marriage? What if a couple of unwed heteros procreate before marriage? Are the children then illegal?
"The bulk of the population has little contact with homosexuals" And just how do you know that? Maybe you passed one in Walmart and your Gaydar didn't go off.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I have a better question for

I have a better question for you, Gary. What do you suppose they'll want after same sex marriage, if it passes? You have to know, there'll be some other "right" that they're being denied by the mean heterosexuals.


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