Clarke, Mitchell return papers for selectman's seat

 DIXFIELD — Former Selectman Norine Clarke and former Planning Board member Norman Mitchell have returned nomination papers for a seat on the Board of Selectmen.

The winner, who will complete a term begun by Katherine Harvey, could likely be a significant factor for whether the town goes ahead with the wind project.

Since Harvey left, the four-person board has been evenly divided on various issues, including the possibility of the development of a wind project.


Clarke has been a supporter of the development of a wind farm atop the Colonel Holman Mountain ridgeline as long as certain regulations are met, and Mitchell has been a vocal opponent.

Clarke, of Blayne Street, is a small business owner and was selectman for several years before her defeat last year.

Mitchell, a resident of Route 17, is a truck driver for Kents Hill Lumber.

In addition to the selectman's race, residents on Nov. 6 will have other local issues to tackle. One is to adopt a wind ordinance and another to set a six-month moratorium on wind power development.

Residents will also decide whether they want to begin the process for a possible withdrawal from RSU 10.

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Alice Barnett's picture

planning board

A good bit of discussion revolved around the appropriateness of wind turbines on hilltops. Since Industry does not have a Comprehensive Plan which could define land use goals or identify the need to preserve local character, the Planning Board is limited to the utilization of ordinances which do not rely on those concepts; views and preservation of local character have no legal standing in Industry.

In response to the questions regarding the impact on property taxes, the Planning Board will develop a multi-year projection of how the local tax rates would change--with and without commercial turbines--when state revenue sharing and residential property values are considered.

Alice Barnett's picture

i did not know

I hope Dixfield Citizens get to vote on the GRID scale WIND project soon.

Selectmen should not run the whole show.

Peru citizens told their selectmen 400 - 200 to restrict GRID scale WIND.

Peru's selectmen listened to the people.

Dan McKay's picture

A vote for Norm Mitchell. He

A vote for Norm Mitchell. He listens to taxpayer's concerns.


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