H. and G. Bricker: Better served by different plan

At the Sept. 13 Auburn City Council meeting, councilors voted 6-1 to give the City Manager the green light to proceed with development of a hockey arena for Auburn. We oppose this project, as it will surely cause an increase in taxes.

While hockey is a worthwhile sport, it involves a small number of Auburn students. There are numerous other sports and extra-curricular activities that serve a greater number of students and need financial support. We believe the city should not be asking the taxpayers to make a large financial commitment to a single activity.

That is especially true when Auburn is in need of a new or renovated high school. The children of Auburn would be better served by a collaborative effort of the School Board and City Council in developing a plan to solve that problem. That is the city’s primary need.

Economic development will happen in a community only where the school system has a good rating.

The Auburn City Council should not rush into a decision without a clear understanding of the costs to the Auburn taxpayer and a detailed plan to proceed. We believe the project will affect Auburn’s tax rate in the short and long term.

People should come to the Oct. 1 City Council meeting and let their feelings be known. Councilors need to hear that increasing taxes for the hockey arena is not desirable.

Holly and Gary Bricker, Auburn

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Auburn Ice arena proposal

I'm responding to Joe Grays response to my comments:I have discussed this issue with numerous citizens, and individuals knowledgeable with the economics,+ none other than the owner of the Colisee, who sold all of his ice time to a Portland group, leaving L/A youth hockey groups out to dry,has questioned the economics of the proposal, and no one has even remotely suggested that it will require any funds from the city of Auburn's coffers.The facility will draw hundred of visitors to Auburn, who will stay in Auburn hotels+patronize our restaurants+ stores!
Bob Mennealy

 's picture

So, no, you can't provide any numbers

The room at the council meeting was full of emotion, but no numbers. Show me a stand alone arena in our area that has enough revenue to cover costs and put a bit aside for future maintenance issues. I haven't been able to find one. Of course, most of the local arenas are tied to schools and deciphering the revenue/costs of these arenas is tricky as they are tied to athletic budgets.

Bob, I'm not trying to argue with you. I just don't see the numbers working out without costing the taxpayers money. Besides, the economic impact of this arena is not well documented either. We have lots of anecdotal evidence that parents pay lots for tournaments, and that is true, but no studies have surfaced showing real numbers. Where are the facts to support the stories? That is all I ask.

Please convince me! I would love to support this project just as I supported the loan to Ingersoll last year.

Auburn Ice arena proposal

Contrary to the Bricker's claims, the Auburn council did not rush to judgement on this plan, nor will it surely increase taxes, it actually will provide a much needed economic boost to our city+ should they really want Auburn to solve the dilemma it faces with our high school they should aggressively lobby our cities Republican legislators who have failed us miserably in getting Auburn it's proper place on the State's school funding list!
Bob Mennealy

 's picture

Show us the numbers

If you can provide numbers to back this claim, we'd all be grateful if you would. I have been doing a great deal of research on this and find the numbers do not support your position. Please provide some evidence this will be an economic boost sufficient enough to not cost the taxpayers of Auburn.

 's picture

I don't live there...

...so I don't have any irons in the fire. But didn't I read this was going to be a multi-use arena/area?


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