M. Theriault: Nation not 'moving forward'

How has this nation been "moving forward” since President Barack Obama’s inauguration? Here are statistics from inauguration day to the present:

Long-term unemployed: From 2.7 million to 5 million (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics);

Middle class income: From $54,962 to $51,002 (Sentier Research, LCC);

Gas prices: From $1.85 to $3.86 (Bloomberg.com);

Americans in poverty: From 39.8 million to 46.2 million (U.S. Census Bureau);

Federal debt: From $10.6 trillion to $16 trillion (U.S. Dept. of Treasury);

U.S. global competitiveness: From first to seventh (World Economic Forum);

Then there are changes regarding religious freedom and the funding of abortion.

Regarding the former, the Obamacare bureaucracy requires that Catholic institutions provide medical insurance coverage for medications and procedures that are contrary to church teachings.

Regarding abortion, public tax dollars now fund abortions internationally due to the president’s rescinding of the Mexico City Policy, and domestically by subsidizing Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the United States.

The Catholic Church believes that abortion is a grave moral evil and this is a “binding principle” not open to “prudential judgment.”

Social justice is also a church priority, but how to implement that teaching in everyday life is open to “prudential judgment,” and Catholics and people of good will can differ in their approaches. Religious freedom, moreover, has been at the bedrock of Constitutional rights, but is now being disrespected and abused.

So when people hear the campaign slogan of “forward,” they need to ask, “To what?” when voting in November.

Maurice Theriault, Lewiston

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AL PELLETIER's picture

Your sources suck!

Maurice, No where in Bloomberg.com can I find gas prices in the US at $1.85 per gallon in 2008. In fact, USA Today News reported gas prices in 2008 reaching the $4.00 level. As Judge Judy says," if you lie about one thing, I'll assume your lying about everything".

Jason Theriault's picture

Uncle Maurice....

I hate arguing with my Godfather, but what the heck....=)

My problem with some of the numbers reported on the Obama presidency is that he took office while the economy was crashing. In 2008, we shed 2.59 million jobs. And when Obama took office, that trend wasn't slowing down. It bottomed out October of 2009 at 10%. I don't know if he had an effect of it bottoming out, but I don't think you can blame, unless your being totally dishonest about it.

And middle class income all depends in how you define the middle class. But with the economy crashing and unemployment ballooning, median incomes are bound to go down.

And as for religious freedom - this isn't the first time that the greater good has overridden religious freedom. Pacifists have to pay taxes which fund the DoD and Christian Scientists reject all medical treatments yet have to pay for other to receive them.

 's picture

Figures don't lie.

But liars can figure.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Maurice, All good points -


All good points - Kudos.

AL PELLETIER's picture


Mark, I must tell you your guy did a hell of a lot better then my guy in their first debate. Romney looked alert and fiery and Obama looked tired and ready for bed, kind of like I used to look after working a 16 hour day doing my day job.
But basically both sides slung enough bullshit to fill Norway Lake. Lets hope in the next debate they both gives specifics that the average "you and me" can comprehend.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Well, I’m surprised Romney

Well, I’m surprised Romney did as well as he did. BTW, Romney is not my guy; he is simply not the other guy.

You are welcome to jump a sinking ship and join a winning team – Romney 2012.

AL PELLETIER's picture

New numbers

The jobs report today dropped to 7.8%. Not great but better then the 10+% Obama walked into. I think I'll keep swabbing the deck on my ship (for now).

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Don’t forget the numbers that

Don’t forget the numbers that Obama walked in to did not include a plethora of people who are under employed or who have become discouraged and stopped looking for employment.

Obama’s numbers are much worse when you factor in those two groups mentioned above.


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