Peru wind ordinance to be reviewed

PERU — Jim Pulsifer, chairman of the Industrial Wind Ordinance committee, told selectmen Monday night that he thinks the ordinance is too strict and the committee will revisit it Tuesday at 6 p.m.

The board was presented the ordinance last week and voted 2-3 Monday night not to approve it.

Pulsifer said he thinks the minimum setback for wind turbines from property lines should be a mile, the maximum sound level should be 40 decibels daytime and 35 nighttime, and the tower height not to exceed 350 feet.

The ordinance now has a 1½ mile setback from each wind turbine tower to the nearest nonparticipating land parcel, a maximum sound level of 35 decibels daytime and 25 nighttime, and a 300-foot maximum height to the tip of the blades.

EDP Renewables North America LLC of Houston, Texas, received a permit in October 2011 to place a meteorological test tower off Black Mountain Road near the Sumner town line. The company is considering building possibly 25 to 35 turbines, a representative told the committee this year.

That prompted the town to pass a moratorium on such projects and allow time to write regulations governing them. The current six-month moratorium expires in May 2013.

In other business Monday, the board approved building permits for a canopy garage for Jim Pulsifer on Pulsifer Road, and a storage shed for Warren McFawn on Irish Farm Road and placing a camper for up to 120 days.

Leon Bucher of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife notified the town that the boat launch would be closed for repairs from Oct. 1-5.

The board signed a letter to the state saying it had no objections to a business at 450 Ridge Road for Stan Knight.

A new shed was approved for Richard and Hope Ciccone on Main Street.

Holland asked a board member to study policies from other towns on how to deal with tax-acquired property. Selectman Laurieann Milligan agreed to research other policies and report back. Dickie Powell said he would look at town charters and report pros and cons.

Wayne Moore asked how the town knew what to assess on property.

Selectman Kathy Hussey said each person is responsible for letting the town know if buildings were removed from the property.

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 's picture

too lenient

Check some of the regs. in Europe. They are stricter than these proposed ones for Peru. Elected officials' duty is to the citizens first, not scheming developers.

 's picture

One wonders if the board

One wonders if the board would be hedging in favor of the developers if the project being proposed was an industrial scale hog farm, a nuclear waste dump or a multi-regional land fill. All of which would provide taxes and jobs jobs jobs. These monstrous turbines will dominate our landscapes and viewsheds and raise our electricity rates, all without lowering CO2 or "weaning us off foreign oil". And in twenty years the small rural towns in Western Maine will be stuck with derelict rusting hulks leaking hundreds of gallons of hydraulic fluid into their groundwater. What a deal!

 's picture

never easy

WIND ordinances should protect the public. Smells fishy. If a town can ban strip clubs or casinos why not wind?


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