Mitchell seeks seat on Dixfield Board of Selectmen

 General information:

Eileen M. Adams/Sun Journal

Norman Mitchell, candidate for a seat on the Dixfield Board of Selectmen

Norman Mitchell

Running for a seat on the Board of Selectmen

East Dixfield

Kent's Hill Lumber employee

Leavitt High School graduate

Age 49

Spouse: Terri

Five children, four grandchildren


Norman Mitchell's biggest concern in town is high property taxes and what he defined as runaway spending.

The $19.50 tax rate is based on 110 percent of valuation. They are taxing me on something I don't even own,” he said. “It's fiscal responsibility. Our town's answer seems to be spend more money.”

He said there must be waste in the municipal budget.

To be valued so high and to have such a high tax rate, and not just in one department,” he said.

He also is concerned about the possibility of construction of a wind farm.

If we build a wind farm, that would be $40 to $60 million in (added) valuation. The school budget would increase,” he said.

He wants to have a wind ordinance moratorium enacted so that what he termed an impartial group could write a new ordinance.

It's been stated that the writers were not impartial, that they favored wind mills. I think Dixfield deserves to be protected,” he said.

He believes wind energy would raise electricity costs by $145 million by the year 2017, which would increase the average household electricity bill by $80 a year, largely because of the costs needs to upgrade the electricity grid.

Mitchell said he based these statistics on The Beacon Hill Institute, which is a research division of Suffolk University.

On other issues, he favors retaining Dirigo High School but he's undecided on whether the town should use $50,000 on the withdrawal process from RSU 10.

He is also concerned about what he termed as East Dixfield being cut off from the rest of the town.

We don't get the same edition of the newspaper, we don't get the access channel. I'd like to have meetings and warrants posted on the outside of the fire department,” he said.

Mitchell is a former Dixfield Public Works employee, a former Planning Board and Finance Committee member, and unsuccessfully ran against now Town Manager Eugene Skibitsky for a seat on the Board of Selectmen.

I have experience in municipal employment and government,” he said.


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 's picture


This guy is right that wind power will increase energy costs. He seems to have looked into the matter rather than just believe everything the wind developers spout, (like the officials in Lincoln). He also believes Dixfield deserves to be protected. Isn't looking out for the citizens what elected officials are supposed to do? He seems like a good choice for selectman.

 's picture

Norm Mitchell will be Good for Dixfield

Norm is a smart, insightful, level-headed guy. He truly wants what is best for the town, including fiscal responsibility abd guiding the town toward a better future. He is correct that the town's approach to the wind power controversy has been a shambles.

His advocating a time out to address the protection of all the town's citizens as well as the natural resources and "Quality of Place" of Dixfield is a prudent approach to dealing with the intentions of Patriot Renewables. Norm puts his town first, not the interests of a developer from Massachusetts who got rich on cost over-runs on the infamous "Big Dig".

 's picture

Mitchell listens, researches and learns.

Norman Mitchell believes our forefathers settled here for a reason.
They won a war against tyranny.
Taxation without representation gone wild.
We were independent and depended on our selves for survival, "A Country Boy Can Survive."

Now, we find our very homelands taken from us in the name of a fictitious greater good. GRID scale WIND as a reliable power source. NOT!!
Mitchell knows WIND is a bubble and will burst; so do not devalue hundreds of homes to save a town budget.

Maybe the sidewalk project should not have been built yet. Maybe the fourth police officer is going to break the budget. Maybe hiring so many engineers and still botched jobs is not the answer.

Mitchell is seeking the truth and common sense and maybe a little bit "back to the basics."

Mitchell listens, researches and learns. Good for Dixfield.

Norman Mitchell's picture


Dr Tom Ward told us that our school budget went up by 3% due to a 23 million dollar increase in town valuation and additional revenue in 2010 so what due you think a 40 to 60 million dollar increase in valuation will increase it by 6 to 9% we cant afford it

 's picture

Lowering the property tax

Lowering the property tax burden starts with a desire to do so. Mr. Mitchell has an unwavering focus to this issue.


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