G. Decoteau: A Monty Python skit

So far, the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan ticket has managed to ignore or alienate the active duty military, Latinos, organized labor, women, educators, marriage equality advocates, supporters of the Affordable Care Act, Medicare recipients, pollsters, those without medical coverage, the mainstream media and fixed-income seniors.

Then Romney called 47 percent of all Americans moochers.

I predict that after the televised debates the Romney campaign will resemble a Monty Python skit. Picture, if you will, Romney and Ryan, dressed as knights, storming the White House astride imaginary horses. Behind them is Ann Romney, banging coconut halves together to imitate the sound of clopping hooves. Behind her ... no one.

Gerard Decoteau, Lewiston

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I guess it's acceptable for

I guess it's acceptable for you to disrespect Mrs. Romney with your tasteless and unsuccessful attempt at humor, but if I were to portray a "skit", as you called it, of Michelle obama banging on a couple of bongo drums while her husband danced the "Watusi", you might not consider that quite so hilarious, would you?

 's picture

The real slapstick skit was on TV last night.

Obama was clueless and bewildered without his teleprompter.

You're a real piece of work, Gerard, mocking a woman who survived breast cancer and has MS. Through buying, caring for, and housing horses, the Romneys have created more real jobs than Obama has with his trillions of stimulating play-money dollars.

Romney/Ryan have obviously alienated you. Now you'll be ignored.


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