Citylink expands service beginning Saturday

LEWISTON — Bus riders along Lisbon, Main and Sabattus streets will start getting service Saturday.

Marsha Bennett, transit coordinator for the Lewiston-Auburn Transit Committee, said Lewiston-Auburn's Citylink buses on those routes will operate on a two-hour headway schedule, making four trips each throughout the day.

"They are all scheduled to start on the quarter past the hour," Bennett said. "That's really the biggest change in Lewiston."

Citylink, the bus service operated by the Lewiston-Auburn Transit Committee, began offering limited Saturday service in 2010. That included service to four routes — up College Street in Lewiston to the Auburn Mall, a route from downtown Auburn to the mall, a New Auburn route and a shuttle along Auburn's Center Street shopping areas.

Service on the mall route, which runs from downtown Auburn to the Auburn Mall, will also increase by three hours.

"We've made the mall shuttle better, because it was almost an intermittent schedule," she said. "Now it's running every half hour so people don't have to guess about when it's coming back."

Shuttle service, which runs between Walmart, Shaw's, Kmart and the Auburn Mall, would increase to 30 minutes between routes. The bus system's Saturday schedule in New Auburn would change as well.

Bennett said Citylink is also changing the hub where Auburn routes meet on Saturdays from Spring Street in front of Hannford's to Great Falls Plaza. The Great Falls Plaza stop has access to restrooms and waiting areas that Hannaford's does not — for now.

Bennett said the transit committee hopes to move the hub back to Spring Street eventually.

"It's mostly an operational move at this point, until we can put a permanent facility on Spring Street," Bennett said. "It does not change the schedule at all. We are still serving Spring Street at the same level. It's just for people making transfers. Now they'll all be made at the Great Falls Plaza."

Citylink Schedule Oct. 6, 2012: Map

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Abdi Hassan's picture

What a cheap shot! Take it

What a cheap shot! Take it easy man! That was a simple human error. Scott Tylor has been with Sunjournal since 2001, and has done a superb job covering local Lewiston/Auburn city news. RELAX and Enjoy your Weekend!

Randall Pond's picture

Let's Get This Right

Shaw's is not on Spring Street in Auburn. Hannaford's IS! HELLO?!

Is Our Reporter from out of Town or What? Can't believe this mistake was Made!

That Has Been Hannaford's previously known as Shop & Save as far back as I can Remember! Man, I'd Be Really Embarrassed as a Newspaper and as a Newspaper Reporter for Making That Kind of Mistake!

SCOTT TAYLOR's picture

Good catch, Randall

Not the biggest mistake I've ever made, but very embarrassing! Thanks for pointing it out.


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