L. Gibson: Practicing religious beliefs

My dictionary defines a bigot as a person who won't listen to anyone whose ideas or beliefs are different from his or her own.

Many churches see marriage as a sacrament. The word has significant meaning to them and the same-sex marriage proposal will use the force of law to silence any individuals who disagree.

Same-sex couples already have the right to get married in other states and call themselves whatever they want. In Maine they can already have ceremonies and register for all rights married couples have. The only benefits they don’t get are federal benefits, which a vote in Maine cannot change.

That is what is great about America. We have the freedom to do what we want and think how we want.

But certain bigots are trying to take away the right of people to think differently.

Certain bigoted people won't listen to anyone whose ideas or beliefs are different. They refuse to even allow anyone of different morals than them to even speak.

So I ask, what is a bigot? A group that disagrees with an action but allows it to happen, or a group that tries to silence any who disagree?

I want to protect the religious freedom of Maine citizens and stop the thought police who would sue any who dare voice another point of view.

I will vote no on redefining marriage. The issue is about freedom — the freedom to practice an individual's religious beliefs without being charged with a hate crime.

Les Gibson, Sabattus

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 's picture


I guess I don't get it - it's okay to force your religious beliefs on others who may not share them, but it's not okay the other way around? Freedom of religion also means freedom from religion. Also, please enlighten us on how allowing same sex marriage has any effect on your marriage? Are you going to wake up the day after the election, look at your wife and say "Ew! I should've married a dude."

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Mark, The issue is with


The issue is with government meddling in religion, not individuals. The first amendment of the constitution protects religion from government; it is not to protect government from religion.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I'd like you to show me

I'd like you to show me exactly where in the Constitution that it guarantees freedom FROM religion. I'll be sure to feed the crickets while you get back to us. With your logic, freedom of speech also means freedom not to allow it. Right!!

 's picture


You are free to speak or not speak. You are free to practice a religion or not. If you want to get technical about the constitution, please tell me how many times the word "guns" appears.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

The Constitution is a legal

The Constitution is a legal document, so yes it needs to be technical.
The first amendment is to protect you from government; it is not designed to protect us from each other. That is, I can deny you freedom of expression on my properly.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Arms is a synonym for guns is

Arms is a synonym for guns is it not?

Actually, arms include things other than handguns, rifles, and shotguns.

Moreover, the right to bare arms does not mean you have a right to show the flap dangling from your triceps.

Bernice Fraser's picture

Good points Les, all along it

Good points Les, all along it has never been about love or commitment,but about the money social security and insurance. As you stated they already have the rights to a ceromony and live together as a married couple. This is not about marriage but another threat to the first admendment silencing the people who are against this union. Justices of the peace who are against this marriage will have to perform the ceremony no matter what they think or be fined, they say the churches will not be affected, just wait and see how long that will last, look at the birth control issue. A couple in Vt. was fined $10,000.00 because they refused to hold a wedding for a gay party at their establishment, plus had to pay another $20,000. to a gay charity of the gay couples choice. Is this freedom. And do not be fooled, they will attack those people and establishment who are opposed to their ways and will pick them for their ceremonies to put this law into test and scaring people with fines if they do not comply.
Then there is the question of Bi-sexual do they get a partner of each sex? After all it will be their rights, their feelings should'nt be hurt, right? You change the definition of marriage and you open up a whole new can of worms and law and regulations like you have not seen. from the teaching in our schools to the destroying of our religious thinking. The very thoughts that the communist manifesto says that they need to turn the county into a communist state, we are close to that now. Vote NO to not redefine marriage. Protect our religious rights, moral lifestyles. tradtional family.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"My dictionary defines a

"My dictionary defines a bigot as a person who won't listen to anyone whose ideas or beliefs are different from his or her own."
Bigot? Why, Mr. Gibson, I believe you have just accurately described a liberal.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

So, if you listen, then still

So, if you listen, then still disagree, are you a bigot? The definition says nothing about acceptance; it just talks about listening.


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