J. Mailey: Forgetting the working people

The past two years have proven, time and again, that the Republican Party does not wish to represent the needs of the working people, the elderly, the sick, schools and others. It seems its main interest lies with big money, insurance providers and the exploitation of workers and the resources of Maine.

With two years in power, the Republican-led Legislature has passed a budget that has serious reductions in health care for the sick and elderly (while increasing the Estate Tax exemption) and causing a major cost shift; passed an insurance law (PL 90) that will benefit only the insurance industry; reversed a law protecting laid-off workers from forfeiting their accrued vacation pay in lieu of unemployment; actually made it illegal for Decoster Egg workers to unionize; and pushed for a new Workers Compensation law that will hurt the most severely injured workers (again, this only helps the insurance industry).

Those are only some of the attacks Mainers have had pushed onto them.

Have these laws created jobs? No.

Have they made Maine a better state to live? No.

What they have done is catered to the wants of big business, the insurance industry and the wealthy in Maine.

In November, I will cast my vote based on facts and not from the fears and half-truths that are peddled to support the Republican national agenda.

Joseph Mailey, Auburn

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

So you're going to cast your

So you're going to cast your vote(s) based on facts you garnered from the democrats?
Hahaha....that's funny.

 's picture

It would be helpful ...

... for someone, sometime, to define "working people". In all the jobs I held over my career, I always was salaried and never belonged to a union. The contexts of posts here always come across as "working people get an hourly wage and are good union members". Those folks have lots of politicians representing their interests.

It's nice occasionally to have a few politicians representing the interests of those of us who pay the bills.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

We are members of the only

We are members of the only remaining unprotected class in America....White, Christian, heterosexual working males.

 's picture

Hear, Hear!!!!

Well said.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Well Joseph, there are always

Well Joseph, there are always two points of view.

Why should I forfeit more than 50% of my savings to the government just for dying? Did I not earn that money, so should not I have the FREEDOM to will it as I choose?
Why should I be taxed disproportionally to purchase Viagra for seniors?

Perhaps where you stand on these issues stems from how you sign your checks. Do you sign you checks on the back (i.e. on the take) or do you sign you checks on front (i.e. paying for all these entitlements)?

You can demonize business all that you want, but you are killing the proverbial goose that lays the golden egg if you sign on the back.

 's picture

We all ready know...

...you have no use for working people.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Bob, I would ask you to

I would ask you to please define “working people”.

Working people is everyone who generates earned income – that is tax by the way. These incomes may range from $20K a year to $1M a year or more. However, the majority of the federal tax burden falls on the higher income people.

At what point do we say enough to taking more? That time is now. We are all working people.

 's picture

Other then...

...taking their money, of course.


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