R. Hemingway: Clear choice for the future

This nation is already better off than four years ago. Industry is doing better, bin Laden is dead, troops nearly out of Iraq, and winding down in Afghanistan. I can still buy an American-made GM or Chrysler. Americans made a profit from the sale of the stock that was acquired from bailing banks out. The stock market is up.

Republicans would risk privatizing Social Security and use vouchers to pay for Medicare. They suggest starting another war with Iran, costing lives and another trillion dollars. Conservatives want women with no choices and limited futures, no abortions, but then refuse to help pay for babies born out of wedlock. They would kill public education, end pensions, gut domestic programs, outlaw unions (that protect workers), end regulation on corporations, repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, give more tax breaks to the ultra rich, and spend trillions more on the military than the Pentagon asks for. They think corporations are people.

Democrats would bring jobs back to America, let more workers unionize and climb into the middle class, protect Social Security and Medicare, fund public education, continue to avoid war in foreign lands by using NATO and the U.N. to do their share (as practiced in Libya), and reduce the self-destructive dependence on foreign oil by developing alternatives here.

Some leaders promise hope, others don’t offer much for working men and especially women.

There is a very clear choice for the future.

Ron Hemingway, Dixfield

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Donald Irish's picture

Clear choice for the future

The USA I live in is further in debt than it was four years ago. The business industry is growing at a snails pace. Bin Laden is dead, thanks to a Doctor who got his DNA and a Navy Seal Team. The Dr was outed for political gain by Obama and is now in prison. The Seal Team was outed by Obama for political gain to include the specific team number and their home base. This act puts the Seal Team Members and their families in the sights of terrorists for unknown years to come. It also puts our intelligence agencies in great peril to try to develop sources in the future. Who would want to provide information and then get outed by the politicians? Great political move!!!! The taxpayers are still on the hook for a few million for the GM stock decline. All the other talk about what big harm the Republicans are going to do is just political trash talk to scare voters. The Democrats don't have a clue. Look what's happening overseas. You can tell we are really loved over there ???? Wake up American voters !!!!


You could have been Obama's debate coach ...

... since you touched on just about all the lies and distortions listed in the DNC talking points.

Have you recently been to a gas station or grocery store? Do you really want to use Libya as an example of foreign policy? How do we get off foreign oil by destroying the US coal industry and shelving the pipeline? Paying for Social Security / Medicare / Obamacare will push more in the middle down toward the bottom and chain them there. Getting more workers into unions will push up the cost of whatever they produce, making it more difficult for them or anyone else to climb into the middle class.

The UN is now, and has always been, an anti-American debating society, which is more than happy to let the US do the heavy lifting. NATO's membership, aside from us, is comprised of European countries that provide daily examples of the failure of socialism.

Yes, your letter indeed reveals a clear choice.

Romney / Ryan

Mark Wrenn's picture


The decline in the use of coal is due almost entirely to the invisible wand of the free market fairies. The price of natural gas is falling making it much more profitable for generating electricity. And how about those Murray employees being forced into Romney campaign backdrops without pay? Or being forced to write checks to GOP candidates? The same Murray responsible for the recent deaths of miners in Utah?


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