E. Field: A different side to the story

In response to Alan Osborn’s letter (Sept. 11):

One person posting something stupid on a blog does not represent a “typical Maine voter.”

President Obama has taught constitutional law and it is ridiculous to say he doesn’t respect the Constitution.

The number of people on welfare is not as high as Osborn thinks. The U.S. Department of Commerce says that, as of July 2012, 4.1 percent of the population was on welfare.

According to statements made on "Meet the Press" by Sen. Robert Menendez, D-New Jersey, that were fact-checked by "Meet the Facts," when George W. Bush took office, Bill Clinton had left a surplus of $86.4 billion. When Bush left, the U.S. had a $1.5 trillion budget deficit.

The president offered a jobs bill, a separate veterans jobs bill, and other bills to improve the economy and Republicans voted them all down. There is still much to be done, but according to CNNMoney, Obama’s jobs record is better than Bush’s.

According to a 2010 article in the New England Journal of Medicine, health care in the U.S. is rated highest in the world for cost and No. 37 for performance, far from “the best in the world.”

Actually, it is House Republicans who want to cut the NASA and science budgets that President Obama approved.

Israel is a very important ally, but Obama, not Benjamin Netanyahu, was elected to run U.S. foreign policy.

Ellen Field, New Gloucester

Editor's note: Ellen Field's name was inadvertently left off when it was printed Oct. 3.

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

Keeping Obama a one term president......

It makes no difference to me, whose name is connected with the presidency. Ellen brings up good points, not the least of which is the Republican blockade on everyone. Yes I said everyone, if they insist on blocking any progress being made, They are essentially shooting themselves as well as everyone else in the foot. I'll try to set this up so even Republicans might see how stupid their actions are.
Lets just say We live in a small town, we'll call it Smallville. Smallville is haveing a problem of late. Someone or some thing is burning down the town one building at a time. That would be devastating in any town, but in Smallville, one group has stolen all the tires off the fire trucks. To make matters worse, this one group complains loudly everytime another building burns down. They declare that they could do it so much better. They have all the answer's, not to metion all the tires.
Looking at this from the outside looking in, we see that everyone in town, the one group and everyone else has suffered. We see that this one group is willing to hurt EVERYONE, in the pursuit of their own agenda. Their not willing to accept responsibility for the fact that noone can fight the fires, just point out that no one is doing it. Who wins in this scenario. As long as we have,one group, holding progress hostage, we might as well give up. Until we run this one group out of town, noone's safe.....


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