L. Juraska: Supports public education

I received a mailing from Sen. Garrett Mason recently, asking for my support. I will not be supporting him because he is trying to take us back 30 years. According to his voting record during the past two years, his position on women’s right to choose is similar to Rep. Todd Akin. That whole issue was settled 30 years ago.

He also joined Gov. Paul LePage in attempting to force the public to pay for K-12 religious education. Of course, this would result in much higher local property taxes for all, businesses included. Again, the public hasn’t been required to pay for religious education for 30 years.

I don’t mind if parents choose a private or religious school, but that’s their dime — not mine.

I want my property taxes to support the public schools, so I will be voting for a person who supports public education, Colleen Quint.

Laura Juraska, Leeds

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Amedeo Lauria's picture

I'm a little confused....

...you say..."I don’t mind if parents choose a private or religious school, but that’s their dime — not mine." The same argument could by parents who desire to educate their children in private or religious schools instead of public schools. You are absolutely right is is THEIR dime; only they get the honor of paying TWICE for THEIR kids and YOUR kids.

It’s funny how we love choice in things as frivolous as cell phone cases, cars and clothes, but demand NO CHOICE in the education of children. You only get one chance to get it right.

In the military I travelled around America and was forces to pay out of my pocket, with no reimbursement, to avoid sending my kids to failing local public schools. Not all the time, but enough to be make me realize that something was very wrong with the system. There are excellent public schools and they are not the issue. The issue is choice when they are NOT! Tell me how much sense that makes. In some cases we had the "Sophie's Choice" because we could not afford to send all three and had to make the worst choices I ever had to make in my adult life.

As a member of the military I travelled to socialist countries, no competition, no incentive to improve; they were stuck in the past.

Competition is healthy; I don't understand why we can't apply it to make ALL our schools a better place.

The worst argument I've heard is that if we allow vouchers that parents will flee our public schools and the poor will be left behind in failing schools; can you imagine that as a reason to maintain the status quo? It disturbs me, and is should disturb you.

It is, in some cases, a broken system, we have hard working teachers, administrators and Superintendents of Schools who are hardworking, but run into roadblocks when trying to improve their schools. I have looked across the table and discussed it on many occasions during the education of my children. Their hands are tied by too many things to go into here. On the other hand, we have some who are just collecting a paycheck and need to be moved on! Educators at every level know of which I speak.

Ms. Quint will not be getting my vote in November! No way....no how!

Bernice Fraser's picture

Garret Mason

let me see if I understand this correctly, you are in agreement with Ms. Quint that the tax payers must be responsible in paying for your abortions and contraceptive devices, but you are against help to different school alternatives for those whom public educations have failed. The people who send their children to private and religious schools also pay these taxes, they feel their children deserve or need a better education than the public schools are providing, yet their children are not getting any benefits of these taxes. The public schools have gotten quite an increase in the last 2 years that Governor Lepage and Senator Mason has been in office, plus all the large school tax increases that Ms Quint supports in her own school district, and the children are still not better off. As you say you will vote for Ms. Quint for what the taxes will pay for, I will vote for Mason for what the taxes should not be used to supply, and to keep the taxes in Maine going down in this hard economy time.

Donald Irish's picture

Support Public Education

The other side of the "dime". I find it interesting that you don't want to spend your dime to support private or religious schools, but it's ok for EVERYONE to pay taxes to support the public schools. Not really much of an issue to try to influence someone how to vote.


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