R. Renander: It's simple — stop spending money

This November, voters have a decision to make about the direction of this country and the state of Maine.

I believe this election will determine the course taken as a nation — whether is is toward returning to the principles this country was founded on or going the way of socialism, which is the way the country is now headed.

The bigger point I want to make is about the four, count them, four bond issues. When you read "bond" think "debt."

At some point state officials need to learn that the state cannot borrow its way out of the mess it is in.

The best and only way to solve the debt problem in to stop spending money.

The bond issues are worded in such a way as to make people feel guilty if they don't vote for them.

Whether it is "for the children," the environment/conservation, transportation, or drinking water, my vote is "no," and I don't feel guilty about it at all. Each of my children is already in debt to the tune of $50,000 thanks to Uncle Sam. I am never going to cast a vote to knowingly put my kids into more debt.

I will vote "no" on the bond issues and "yes" for those candidates who are committed to stop spending this state and country into bankruptcy and, instead, put us on the path to smaller government.

Rob Renander, Livermore

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Stop spending DEBT !

It would be great if all levels of government only spent money, our money. Very sadly, our local, county, state, and national governments spend DEBT, which is mostly our grandchildren's and their grandchidlren's DEBT.
Reduce spending and pay down debt EVERY year.


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