C. Gianopoulos: No one will own her vote

Colleen Quint is on the ballot to represent most of the rural communities in Androscoggin County.

Since mid-March she's personally visited more than 8,000 homes in the area and listened to the concerns of the people she has met.

She knows that Maine can no longer rely on old solutions. For the state to prosper in the future, it has to be smarter about spending and clear about its priorities.

Through her work with students all over Maine and her involvement locally with youth sports, school and budget committees, she knows that the best solutions come from looking at all sides of an issue.

Most important to me is that Colleen Quint will think independently. No one will own her vote.

Christine Gianopoulos, Greene

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Bernice Fraser's picture

no one owns her vote?

Not even the large teachers unions who is financially supporting her?

Amedeo Lauria's picture

Same song....

I've seen the campaign literature from Ms. Quint. I must say I’m not very impressed. She is once again asking for Maine taxpayers to spend more and more on education. I would be interested in hearing more about how she will hold schools accountable for the education of our children at every level given the large amount already given toward educating our children. Also, I still scratch my head about the left's opposition to school choice and encouraging innovative teaching methods; i.e virtual high schools.

I need to see a lot more substance to her campaign. Will we spend ever increasing tax dollars on education; but continue to support the old Democrat policies on health insurance, taxes and the regulation of business that will continue to drive business out of the state and discourage job producers from coming here in the first place? If so, our children will continue to leave our state due to the lack of employment opportunies!

I have personally witnessed our best and brightest leave our state. Well educated by Maine taxpayers to the benefit of New York and Maryland etc. It is the same old...same old “for the children” arguments that will drive us into fiscal bankruptcy with no benefit.

She won't be getting my vote in November.


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