T. Shields: A choice in November

David Marquis’ letter (Sept. 27) took issue with my letter of Sept. 23, but only in certain areas. He could not defend the record of Maine state financial mismanagement from the recent decades of Democrat-dominated state government.

He should see Maurice Theriault’s letter (Oct. 2) which spells out factually the failings of the Obama administration. It is interesting how many people still blindly follow Barack Obama’s lead.

Security lapses at foreign embassies and consulates continue to be revealed each day. Marine guards are at embassies to protect Americans, and they cannot do it with unloaded weapons. They should be loaded and ready at all times. Fact Check revealed the decision that having ammunition was up to each ambassador. That is part of the Obama administration’s weak and apologetic attitude toward those who would terrorize this country. More troops are dying now than ever. The U.S. needs to teach the terrorists a lesson.

Businesses and wealthy people are criticized for being successful, in spite of the fact that they carry the major tax burden and offer the jobs. Maine was ranked last in the U.S. by Forbes magazine for attracting businesses, which is not “making sure the rich get all of the breaks,” noted by Marquis. Maine was near the top on welfare benefits, far above what the state could afford.

The coming election offers a choice between an Obama transformation of a way of life, or a chance to live free.

Thomas F. Shields, Auburn

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RONALD RIML's picture

Mr. Shields continually picks at the gnat in Obama's eye

While he can warm his house all winter with fire from the logs removed from Bush's......

Jason Theriault's picture

What is wrong with you?

"They should be loaded and ready at all times. Fact Check revealed the decision that having ammunition was up to each ambassador. That is part of the Obama administration’s weak and apologetic attitude toward those who would terrorize this country."

So leaving the decision of embassy security up to the ambassador is weak and apologetic? Maybe, just maybe leaving the decision to the people who are there and can best judge the situation is the best bet. How is Obama going to be a better judge of the situation than the Ambassador?

"More troops are dying now than ever"

You just love hearing yourself talk? More than ever? I'm going to assume you mean since 2000, because if you expand it to include forever, Vietnam, WWI WWII and the Civil War had 100X as many causualties. But, lets just compare 2012 thru 2012

US fatalities in 2007 in Iraq and Afghanistan - 1021
US fatalities in 2008 in Iraq and Afghanistan - 469
US fatalities in 2009 in Iraq and Afghanistan - 466
US fatalities in 2010 in Iraq and Afghanistan - 559
US fatalities in 2011 in Iraq and Afghanistan - 472
US fatalities in 2012 in Iraq and Afghanistan - 271

Notice the trend? Save for the increase in 2010, the trend is heading downward.

So, again, you didn't bother to check your facts.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

I spend 10 years in the Air

I spend 10 years in the Air Force. We had readiness and scenario plans, and we were drilled on the plans.

One of the primary tasks for government is to protect its citizens. The, President as commander-in-chief, is responsible for getting that task done. The President should have set policy such that all embassies establish contingency plans and practice readiness.

The Ambassador may or may not have access to all the raw intelligence necessity to make the decision; nothing can replace readiness regardless the intel.

Jason Theriault's picture

Now your just guessing

You really don't think the Ambassador doesn't have access to all the intel. If anything, they probably have access to too much intel, and have issues filtering through it.

And to be fair, I bet they had a plan and executed it. The ambassador died in a safe room from asphyxiation due to the fire. The plan failed, because the rest of the staff got out, but the Ambassador was not with them.

I still fail to see how the President should have been a better judge than the ambassador.

And I'll agree Obama should take responsibility for it as president as long as you agree that Bush is responsible for 9/11 since that happened when he was president.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Let's live free or die -

Let's live free or die - where did I hear that before!

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Oh, someone does not care

Oh, someone does not care about personal freedom. How odd.


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