Council mulls new lights, benches for Kennedy Park

LEWISTON — Kennedy Park would get upgraded benches, trash cans and streetlights using federal block grant money, according to a plan presented Tuesday to city councilors.

Public Works Director David Jones presented a plan to spend $64,500 in Community Development Block Grant money to upgrade the park's public furniture at the City Council's workshop meeting.

Councilors will review the funding proposal at a regular meeting later this fall.

The plan calls for replacing 21 lights in the park with LED fixtures similar to those used along Lisbon Street, but shorter. The Lisbon Street lights are 14 feet tall; the park lights would be 10 feet tall. They would cost the city $49,400.

The rest would be spent on eight new covered trash cans for the park and 12 new park benches. The benches would be the same as the benches placed downtown along Lincoln Street. Jones said the benches would replace existing benches, but new ones would be added.

"One thing we discovered is that when we built the new playground there, we didn't put in any benches," Jones said. "We have a great place for the children to play but not for their parents to sit."

A volunteer committee is trying to raise money to renovate and move the park's iconic gazebo and bandstand. Plans call for building a new gazebo at the park's eastern entrance, near the Bates-Walnut streets intersection. The roof of the current gazebo would be moved to the new location.

The gazebo has been closed and fenced off for two years due to safety concerns: damage to the concrete floor of the structure, as well as erosion on the brick supports and wear on the wooden columns and the wooden structure under the roof.

Early estimates place the cost of the work at $260,000.

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Margaret Tyler's picture

Money in wrong place

As always money going to things instead of helping people that have run out of unemployment or that really need help.Maybe help with more schooling or .With food that's what the government does.I know it sounds like a hand out ,but people should come first.


Instead of WASTING money in Kennedy Park...How about fixing the streets in the city that are like a Minefield.


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