M. Chaloux: Continue being mayor

I voted for  Bob Macdonald and I expect him to continue being mayor, instead of resigning for such a ridiculous reason.

My opinion counts, too.

Marcel Chaloux, Lewiston

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The mayor

Of course the mayor should not resign. After all, it's the mayor of Lewiston, a fairly inconsequential position. Besides we would only have to replace him and it is hardly worth spending the money. The only real responsibility he has is to represent his community favorably when he opens his mouth. Some mayors are better at this than others. He is truly entitled to his personal opinions but he can expect to hear from the community when he does not represent us well. And he does represent ALL OF US not just himself. One good thing to come out of this is that the mayor should be proud that the Somali community is showing that they are learning how to be Americans. After all it is the American way to petition your government when you are dissatisfied with what it is doing. I think somebody has been paying attention in citizenship class.

Jim Cyr's picture

Ms. Gamache, and what

is the "government" doing to warrant this perceived petition that "somebody has been paying attention in citizenship class" ? Petition against "Free Speech"?


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