Auburn man dies after hit-and-run

AUBURN — A man who was the victim of a hit-and-run crash Friday died Saturday from his injuries, Auburn police said.

Man hit by truck
Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Emergency personel tend to a man who was hit by a truck that fled the scene under the railroad trestle on Turner Street in Auburn Friday night.

Russell Frechette, 31, of Auburn, died Saturday at Central Maine Medical Center, according to Auburn Police Deputy Chief Jason D. Moen.

Police are investigating the crash, which happened at 10:20 p.m. Friday on Turner Street.

Frechette was hit by a late model, tan colored pickup truck under the train trestle on Turner Street.

Investigators are trying to determine if Frechette fell off the trestle before being hit by the truck, Moen said. According to witnesses, the truck did not stop after hitting Frechette.

Friday night witness Adam Fasano told the Sun Journal he was walking home from work near Great Falls Plaza when he heard something that could have been Frechette being struck. “The driver of the truck just kept on going. He didn't even hesitate,” Fasano said.

Fasano said he rushed to the wounded man, finding him unconscious in the street. Other witnesses said the man may have fallen from the train trestle.

As rescue crews tended the man and took him to Central Maine Medical Center, police examined the street and trestle above it.

Anyone who may have been in the area at the time of the crash, or who may have information regarding the hit-and-run, are asked to call Auburn Police at 333-6650.

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 's picture

I miss you Russ

Travis Lemay I just returned from L/A and now I can be totally honest with you your comments were hurtful and mean, my nephew was loved by everyone that knew him and this was nothing more than a very bad accident. The driver of the truck is a coward to the very end!!!!

Travis Lemay's picture

Of course the the truck

Of course the the truck wasn't there that is my point. They said they had to determine if her was hit before or after the fall of course it was after. The question was rhetorical.

Travis Lemay's picture

i did not mean any disrespect

i did not mean any disrespect to him or his family. just my opinion, point of view and thoughts.

 's picture

My Nephew

How dare you Travis Lemay to make such a statement. My nephew had family and people that loved him dearly. He was a happy man and had no reason and never would have done this to himself. Why not speak out about the jerk who left the scene of the accident and still has not come forward.
Russell was only 31 year old with a good job, sisters that loved him, niece and nephew that loved him and an entire family will forever be in pain with this loss.

Travis Lemay's picture

"Investigators are trying to

"Investigators are trying to determine if Frechette fell off the trestle before being hit by the truck, Moen said. According to witnesses, the truck did not stop after hitting Frechette."

not to point out the obvious but why would u need to investigate if he was hit before or after the fall? what is a truck doing on the train trestle. also did he die from the fall injuries or from being hit from the truck. one could argue that he would have died from the fall and weather or not being hit is a factor. maybe he jumped off on purpose.



Maybe you should think before you post. My sympathies to the family.

MEGAN PARKS's picture

Aside from the disrespect

Aside from the disrespect factor, your reading comprehension is lacking. The truck was not on the trestle, it was driving on the road below the trestle.

Not to point out the obvious, but they need to determine if he fell to determine the responsibility of the driver.

This is a sad story. I hope the family can find peace quickly.

Randall Pond's picture

So Very Sad

Prayers for the Family as well as Justice and Peace.


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