Lawyer wants to block release of list of clients

PORTLAND (AP) — A lawyer for two alleged clients of a Maine woman accused of running a prostitution business out of her Zumba dance studio in Kennebunk and secretly videotaped the encounters has filed a motion to block the release of names of the men suspected as her clients.

Stephen Schwartz told The Associated Press he filed the motion in court Thursday, a day before police were expected to possibly release the first batch of names.

Schwartz said the release of the names has a great potential to ruin people's reputations, families and businesses and to prejudice any potential jury.

"All it does is appeal the most prurient interests of the public," he told the AP.

Townspeople have said they've heard that lawyers, doctors, law enforcement officials, a television personality and other well-known people in town are included in a detailed clientele list police found.

Alexis Wright, 29, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to 106 counts of prostitution, violation of privacy, tax evasion and other charges for allegedly providing sex for money at her fitness studio and a nearby office. The man police say was her business partner, 57-year-old Mark Strong Sr., pleaded not guilty to 59 counts of promotion of prostitution and violation of privacy.

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Release the list...

If they don't want their names released, then they should have stayed away from this woman..and the lawyers names is probably at the top as a "frequent flyer"..I don't think the woman is the only one that should take all the heat. Let's be fair here and show us the names. Why should she be the only one to pay for this illegal activity???? The men who used this "service" should be brought down too...maybe next time the men want to sneak around and cheat on their wives and lovers, they may think twice...but I highly doubt it, cause they aren't using the right head to think with.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

I never saw this coming......

This is insane, totally uncalled for, we need to revolt. How can anyone expect to totally degrade themselves, endanger their families, ruin their families, and be stupid enough to leave their personal information behind, ever be able to feel safe? Imagine, just because they paid hookers for a few jollies, an illegal activity by the way, can they be forced to be accountable for their own decisions? This is America !!! when did responsibility become a requirement?
This is almost as funny as the guy who gets arrested for something, then spends the next several days trying to prevent his boss from seeing his name in the "Police Log". It's not an easy task. Neither is standing up and accepting responsibility. I'm going out now, and purchase some stock in "Flower Shops". I have a feeling they will be in huge demand very soon......


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