M. Kelly: A positive force in town

I am hoping that Dixfield citizens will join me in support of Norine Clark for selectman. She has always been a positive force in town and sees the whole picture, not just one aspect.

She is very knowledgeable, will represent all of the people and be able to constructively deal with the issues facing Dixfield.

Martha Kelly, Dixfield

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Dan McKay's picture

I believe Mrs. Clarke's

I believe Mrs. Clarke's favorable go ahead to a wind project on Colonel Holman Ridge is based more on her belief that government is an economic driver and can make better decisions upon the private enterprise. We have seen too much waste take place with our tax money due to faulty decisions of past select boards and town managers. She should re-examine what a wind development really is and how it fails to be real without hand outs , whether from Federal and State government or the "Call Me Green " crowd. Wind development is an economic disaster for folks that don't want to have their electric bills go up needlessly.


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