Livermore Falls board seeks property-maintenance ordinance

LIVERMORE FALLS — The Planning Board will begin work on a proposed property-maintenance ordinance that could restrict the disposal of trash, debris, tires and mattresses.

Code Enforcement Officer James Butler Jr. told board members Wednesday that selectmen have asked them to put together such an ordinance.

“We have a lot of issues in the downtown area with garbage,” Butler said.

If there is an ordinance to back officials up, the code enforcement officer or police could enforce it.

The intent would be to make sure there is no garbage on properties and that they were neat, he said.

Butler said there is an ordinance in Old Orchard Beach that follows the International Property Maintenance Code. The board could use just sections of the code to put in a proposed ordinance for Livermore Falls. The ordinance would need to be fair and consistent.

Planning Board member Russell Flagg asked if there were any towns in the area that had such an ordinance.

Butler said he is not aware of any, but there are in southern and central Maine.

The board would have to decide what would be considered garbage.

He suggested the board look over the International Property Maintenance Code. Board Chairwoman Mellette Pepin said the board could make a schedule of times when individual members can read it.

Butler said he has only one copy.

“I think we need to start somewhere,” he said.

He updated the board on the proposed fireworks ordinance, saying a map could be developed using geographical information systems that could help the board define where the village area is. Selectmen have directed the board to put together a proposed fireworks ordinance that stipulates where fireworks can be set off.

There is no budget for the Planning Board, he said.

He has talked to Town Manager Kristal Flagg, who will looking for $1,000 in the town budget to have a map created. The map could also be used for the property maintenance ordinance development, Butler said.

Planning Board Vice Chairman Bruce Adams said Butler had a valid point.

If this board is going to do some plan for the town, “we need to have some equipment to do it,” he said.

In other business, the Planning Board approved a site review application for an antique shop on the property of Dale Farrar and Paul Chretien at 801 Park St. The building would be about 1,200 square feet with partial use as an antique shop, according to the application.

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I am also concerned.."The intent would be to make sure there is no garbage on properties and that they are neat." who's standard? "and that they are neat"...could mean anything from you need to mow your grass to you have too many lawn ornaments on your lawn. I hope the public will have some say before this ordinance is passed.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

DON'T DO IT............

You can use, or try to use, personal responsibility, unfortunately that's sometimes not possible. Even with an ordinance of some sort in place, the same people who refuse to accept responsibility are still going to be a problem. The real problem out there, are the "Whack-Jobs". These are people who are present in every city or town in the country, they wait for these types of opportunities to attack. Before you know it, they have "Neighborhood Assoc.'s", and "Condo Boards", these are not normal people. These people seem to feel they were put on this earth to protect everyone from everything. For some unknown reason, they seem to feel that they, and they alone, have this super-human ability to determine "tidy", from"messy". The next thing you know, there will be due's, fee's and who knows what else. They need the money to fight for their God given right to tell you, how your house and yard MUST look. All they need is their foot in the door, once they get going there's no stopping them. It's not a pretty site. I've seen people arrested for placing a small "Welcome" flag by their front door.........


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