L. Mayes: Where are the journalists hiding?

Following John F. Kennedy's "Profiles in Courage" on courageous people during crucial times in America's history, I looked for network journalists who exhibited courage outside of the combat zones between Afghanistan to Bosnia who deserve recognition in the course of their duties for reporting political truth to Americans since 2000.

I found no courage from networks after 2007 — since Barack Obama's election.

News media proclaims conservatives who report news events are not journalists, yet theirs are. What I mostly see from network news affiliates are profiles in gall.

Candidates are interviewed by "journalists" in very different ways. Most situations are like walking into a batting cage. Obama gets softball pitches at slow to medium pitch speeds. Anyone questioning Obama's policies or actions is sent to the Major League cage and pitched hard inside.

How is Maine to consider a candidate's real agenda when media pitch candy for Obama's base? Those people examining jobs and the economy know the entitlement money can't last if the country is to be saved, along with the prosperity we enjoyed more than a decade ago.

Has anyone noticed Maine's unemployment is rising toward 7.7 percent without considering job market dropouts? Obama's last visits to Maine were July 2010 and March 2012. Maine is Democratic and doesn't matter to him.

Maine is either invisible or stupid to believe Obama's crafted misinformation.

Where are the nation's courageous journalists hiding to avoid delivering honesty and truth to all Maine voters?

Larry Mayes, Lewiston

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 's picture

So your letter...

...really isn't about journalism, is it. It's a rant about O'Bama. Is this an attempt at a coverup?

FRANK EARLEY's picture

You need to dig for the truth......

I'm lucky, depending on who you ask, or what you watch. I sit around all month watching T.V. and just waiting for my check to arrive. Now that statement alone opens a can of worms. If you ask one side you get one partisan view, ask another person you get the other side. This is a true story, according to certain news outlets or political views I'm nothing more than a drain on society. Its taken me years to accept the fact that I'm totally disabled and can never work again. When this happens to a relatively young person, you get labeled. The problem is, very few people take the time or effort to research the whole story. What most people get is an edited version of a story. Political campaigns, and news outlets like to report only enough of the story to support their agenda. You can switch channels on T.V. and get half the story on one network, then get the other side on another network. The same goes for newspaper outlets. Every newspaper I read every day is partisan, I have yet to find a true independent view anywhere. The trick is to not believe what you see, until you have found the whole story. That will take some digging. If you can get good at reading many different sides of the same story then, and only then will you have a relatively true version. For me anyway, after that you need to decide for yourself, if what you have learned is true. Its all relative.....

 's picture


The GOP has control over government in Maine, and GOP ideology of tax cuts for the well off combined with spending cuts for the helpless is causing Maine's economy to shrink and unemployment to rise. Is Obama supposed to swoop in and save us from the GOP clown show in Augusta? Maybe we just need a bigger "open for business" sign?

 's picture

Hard balling

the current President doesn't fit the MSM's agenda, because they happen to be in the tank for him. Conservatism doesn't fit their socialistic views of the world, so hard balling a conservative is always part of their game. Real journalism went to the junk pile back in the 70's during the Carter debacle. Conservative democrats also went to the junk heap during that same time period. I find it amazing how only one out of eight news outlets has the brass to actually do some sort of real journalism. As of recently, Univision is the only news organization that has actually asked Mr. Obama any real hard hitting questions where he actually was made to feel uncomfortable. The look of shock and amazement on the presidents face, the look of "how dare you ask me these questions" was proof of how he has been coddled by so called journalists here in the US.

 's picture

That look was also on his face during the first debate.

It may have been the first time in his adult life that someone had the temerity to challenge him on anything. In the second debate I expect Obama to learn a lesson from Biden: be a rude, disrespectful, buffoon and expect the "journalists" to protect you.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

It wouldn't surprise me to

It wouldn't surprise me to see oBAMa show up at the next debate wearing a hoodie.

Jason Theriault's picture

Where were you when

Where were you when Mittens was talking over the moderator and getting the last word every time?

Here's the thing - I don't fault Romney or Biden. This is big boy time. This is the presidency. You are supposed to command, and if that means stomping on the moderator to get your point across, so be it.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You rag on Romney for doing

You rag on Romney for doing it and then, you close out by saying it's o.k. Which is it? Or, did you, like Kerry, approve of it before you disapproved of it?


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