Maine GOP cries foul over Michaud ad

Maine 2nd District

This photo combo shows Democratic U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud, left, and Republican challenger, Maine Senate president Kevin Raye, right, who will face off in the 2nd Congressional District race in the November 2012 general election. (AP Photos/File)

PORTLAND (AP) — The Maine Republican Party is crying foul over a television ad by Rep. Mike Michaud that attacks his rival for spending taxpayer dollars to install a kitchenette in his State House office.

The ads says Republican Senate President Kevin Raye spent $20,000 to redecorate the Republican lounge and to install a kitchen. The ad shows a photo of a gleaming high-end kitchen, not the one in his office.

The GOP says the kitchenette is used by members of both parties.

Spokesman David Sorensen called Michaud a "liar and a hypocrite" for approving the ad, and called on TV stations to take it off the air.

Dan Cashman, Michaud's spokesman, said the issue is the cost, not the photo. He said he has invoices that verify how much was spent.

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David Marsters's picture

Kitchen state house

Lets have a breakdown of Michaud's costs of his time in office. He pretends to be friend of veterans but he is not. I know from experience. Look at his report card each month for what he does as congressman. It has not gone above a "D" for months. We need new blood in the WH.

Michaud /Raye election

Mike Michaud has performed well for his district as evidenced by the new veterans health center in Lewiston, he deserves our support!

 's picture

GOP Kitchen

I don't think they had any right spending taxpayers money for a high end kitchen...Mike is right...

Mark Elliott's picture

Yeah except it isn't a "high

Yeah except it isn't a "high end" kitchen. Did you read the article?? The TV add uses a photo of a high end kitchen but NOT the one they remodeled. If the Michaud campaign really wanted you to know this, they would have simply gone into the kitchen and taken a REAL photo of the REAL kitchen since BOTH parties have access to it....

The assumption you made Brenda, is exactly why the Maine GOP cried foul over it......this story clarifies it but you still came to the conclusion it was a high end kitchen.

On that note, has anyone here ever remodeled a kitchen? $20,000 doesn't go far on a kitchen does it?


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