A. Barnett: Wind law needs tweeking

Any town, at any time, can put a moratorium in effect. Sounds good doesn't it?

It takes a petition from the voters (not the taxpayers) to have the selectmen place it on a warrant. If selectmen take action, a public hearing is held and questions answered.

A letter sent to more than 400 Canton voters stressed the need for local control — a wind ordinance. As I understand it, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection has accepted Canton Mountain Wind application as complete.

But, the developer can amend the size of the turbine with no visual, avian or sound reports amended. Can the Planning Board make amendments?

I am confused. Canton no longer has control. Canton Mountain Wind is in the hands of DEP regulations. But I cannot find any regulations in the wind law for the red flashing lights, seen more than 40 miles away. Nor any protocol for a complaint.

What is the Canton Mountain Wind complaint protocol? A hotline?

The wind law did not address the cumulative adverse visual effects of areas such as Mt. Blue State Park in Weld, overlooking Saddleback Ridge Wind, Colonel Holman and Canton Mountain.

"Large river corridors are known to be utilized by migrating passerines often in greater concentrations of individuals than other landscape features." — Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

Anyone seeing migratory birds in Canton should tell the DEP at the next Canton Mountain Wind Project public meeting.

Alice McKay Barnett, Carthage

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The cumulative impact of

The cumulative impact of these industrial wind installations on our electricty rates, our environment, our viewsheds and our wildlife cannot be ignored and MUST be addressed. Once these monstrous towers are up, they're going to be looming over us for a long time, long past the rusting, leaking stage. The small amount of electricity they produce in their short life spans won't begin to mitigate the damage they create. The wind law must be repealed before it's too late. The only thing industrial wind has the power to do is bankrupt our beautiful state.

 's picture

Repeal the "Wind Law"

PL 661 (LD 2283), the so-called wind law must be repealed before further damage is done to our beautiful state by proliferation of sprawling industrial wind turbines. This anti-democratic and environmentally destructive statute was passed by an unknowing legislature in the waning hours of the short session in 2008 as a favor to an industry that wouldn't exist without such favoritism, mandates, and unduly generous subsidies (per MWH).

There was no public debate and few legislators knew what they were voting on when Baldacci rammed this through. We are now seeing the ramifications as Maine's uplands are blasted away, millions of cubic yards of ridges are leveled and left scalped to put up wind turbines as tall as Boston skyscrapers. These produce only 25% of rated capacity; unpredictable, unreliable, non-dispatchable, and hugely expensive sources of electricity we don't need. What we need is protection of Maine's natural resources and vaunted "Quality of Place".

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The people of Canton fully

The people of Canton fully realize that property tax revenue from a wind development will be handed over to the County, the RSU, and the State before year 4 of it's existence, but do they know where the money to sustain this technological disadvantaged electricity generator comes from ? It starts with the federal government handing out taxpayer money to keep them afloat for 5 to 10 years, and then, they will get their money from us, the electric ratepayers.
I don't know how any community leader, supposedly well trained in social economics, can promote this type of investment as a recession buster. When the taxpayer and ratepayer loses by having hard earned money wasted, the whole community, State and Country loses. Ask Germany, Spain and Great Britain

Norman Mitchell's picture

petition from the voters

only if the selectmen will listen to the voters they wont in Dixfield


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