Two selectmen sign election warrant, two do not

DIXFIELD — Two of four selectmen voted to sign the election warrant Monday, leaving some to believe that whatever votes are taken could be open to a legal challenge.

Town Manager Eugene Skibitsky said Selectmen Malcolm Gill and Bob Withrow signed the warrant that has three local issues on it: a Board of Selectmen contest between Norine Clarke and Norman Mitchell, whether the town should begin proceedings to withdraw from RSU 10 and whether to approve a wind turbine ordinance.

Selectmen Scott Belskis and Hart Daley voted not to sign the warrant for the Nov. 6 election because they believe the wind ordinance should not be on it.

Belskis said Tuesday afternoon that several parts of the proposed ordinance should have been changed, including one that identifies Sugarloaf Mountain as a scenic resource and not Colonel Holman Mountain.

Colonel Holman Mountain and two adjacent mountains are being considered for 10 to 13 wind turbines by Patriot Renewables of Quincy, Mass.

It's better to have the correct ordinance,” Belskis said.

He also objected to what he called “no actual research of the pros and cons” of a wind project, adding that a similar wind ordinance was removed from the ballot in June.

The wind issue has been a major factor in municipal activities during the past year or so. The selectman seat race is between two candidates who have widely divergent opinions on the construction of a wind farm.

Clarke believes the project would provide much-needed revenue for municipal projects while using virtually no municipal services. Mitchell opposes the project because he believes it would increase the school budget and raise electric costs, and he believes an impartial ordinance has not been written.

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Alice Barnett's picture


yep....voter's wil be voting how they feel November 6

Norman Mitchell's picture

Colonel Holman Mountain and two adjacent mountains

Colonel Holman Mountain and two adjacent mountains truth love it !!! the other two are Burnt and Little !!!

Norman Mitchell's picture

Vote Two of four selectmen voted to sign the election warrant

It needs 90 changes how can only two selectman put anything on the ballot it must be signed by a majority if two selectman can put stuff on the ballot then Hart and Scott can put anything on the ballot that they want as long as they approve it ?? not !! Do we live in a dictatorship in Dixfield ?? Oh and their was no vote and no motion made to vote !!!! I was there Here is video of the farce !! part one part two will follow

Brad Blake's picture

Wind Issue Divides Towns

Good for Selectmen Daly and Belskis to refuse to sign a town warrent that is not ready for voters. The wind issue is one that divides towns--everywhere, not just Dixfield. It is the worse thing to happen to the River Valley region. Dixfield needs to work on a better ordinance to bring to the voters. It is sad when towns prostitute themselves to the wind companies for a pittance of money and ruin their towns. What Patriot Renewables wants to destroy defines the "Quality of place" that is Dixfield. It is bad enough that just up the road, Patriot has done a number on snookering Carthage to destroy much of Saddleback.

People of Dixfield, take the power to determine your own destiny and remember, protect all the residents of the town from negative impact from wind turbines, no residents deserve to be treated as expendable to this blight.

Dan McKay's picture

If the ballot doesn't need a

If the ballot doesn't need a majority of the select board to proceed, then why vote at all. The ballot had already been given to absentee voters before it was presented to the board for vote on the proper wording of the questions.


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