R. Tremaine: World class prevaricators

After listening to politicians for more than 50 years, I have to admit that they all fudge the truth.

George W. Bush brought lying to a new level that had never been seen before. As he went through his administration, he continued to hone his lying skill to a level that most sane people would say was epic.

I have to applaud the Romney-Ryan campaign for achieving truly world class status for lying. They have each found new and truly impressive ways to lie about so many issues.

What they do is go on a nationally televised program or hold a nationally reported speech and lie about their position on an issue. The following day, their campaign staffs issue low-key statements that say “What he said yesterday about whatever was not really what he thinks.”

For example, Romney told David Gregory on "Meet the Press" that his health care plan would make insurance companies provide coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. The next day, the Romney staff claimed that was not going to happen under Romney’s plan.

Does that mean that Romney doesn’t even know what his own plan has in it, or was he just lying?

Robert Tremaine, Livermore Falls

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bait and switch

While I have no problem with someone changing their minds about an issue as in "I was for the war but now I am against it". I have a big problem with people who say one thing to one kind of audience and another behind closed doors. Take, for example, the statement "I will repeal Obamacare the first day I am in office", then "Of course we will keep the best parts of Obamacare", then " The law I implemented in Massachusetts should be implemented in all the states". I have heard with my own ears all 3 statements come out of the same mouth within the last few months. What I don't get is how the tea party conservatives can be so sure this guy won't turn on them after he is elected. He has such a long history of turning on the people who support him, it seems to me inevitable that the tea party is in for a big surprise with this guy. Not that Obama has not often disappointed his liberal base but at least he warned us of what he would do. The only thing Romney has been consistent in is saying and doing whatever it takes to get what he wants. And apparently what he wants is to be president and to be even richer.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

If the last 5 sentences of

If the last 5 sentences of your post are true, we'll do the same thing to Romney that we're about to do to oBAMa. We'll make him a one term president, too.
We know what 4 more years of oBAMa will bring. Many of us are willing to take a chance that 4 years of Romney will be better than that. One thing is pretty certain; Romney can't possibly make it any worse.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Seems to be a trend...

I've noticed the same thing, I think I might understand the reasoning. They are trying to get votes, they don't care where these votes come from as long as there legitimate. I think what their counting on is the casual viewer, someone not totally interested but still watches from time to time. They see one thing that appeals to them on "Sixty Minutes", like healthcare coverage. They say, that sounds good, this guy really seems to care. Unfortunately their not watching the next day when the statement is rescinded. Its kind of like a bait and switch, Course I may be wrong. If I am I'll let you know tomorrow........

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The letter starts out with,

The letter starts out with, "After listening to politicians for more than 50 years, I have to admit that they all fudge the truth".
Upon reading this, it was easy for one to draw the conclusion that this letter would be balanced, fair and unbiased since the writer had suggested that ALL politicians were guilty of fudging the truth.

But, upon reading, it was clear that although the letter was copious in its mentioning of the lies being told by Bush, Romney and Ryan, it never included the names of Obama, Biden, Axelrod, Holder, or Hillary Clinton and the lies they've been telling us for the past four years.

So, the readers, expecting balance and fairness, could only conclude that they had once again been duped by the rantings of another liberal democrat blowing anti-republican smoke rings out the seat of his pants. Disappointing, in the least.

Bernice Fraser's picture

Obama hasn't lied?

the list is so long that there is not room enough to print. Ask the family of the Lybian ambassordor.


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