Lewiston man charged in rape case

LEWISTON — A local man was charged early Tuesday morning with rape at a Walnut Street home.

Derek Edgerton, 20, of 34 Blake St., No. 8, was charged at 1:11 a.m. Tuesday with gross sexual assault-forcible rape.

Details about the case were not available Tuesday night. According to the Lewiston Police Department, the case remained under investigation and Edgerton remained in jail.

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I am sorry, maybe it is my

I am sorry, maybe it is my age and poor eyesight, but nowhere in the ariticle did it mention the victim's age. Did I miss something???? With all the willing available women why does he need to rape anyone? Well it all boils down to power and control. Once he steps into prison he will become very acquainted with power and control. If he is cute enough he will become someone's wife. He will enjoy wedded bliss with his new found partner, until he tires of him, then he will be passed around like the piece of trash he really is.

 's picture

Either you folk have

Either you folk have knowledge not contained in this very brief article, or you're jumping to conclusions. I don't see any mention of the victim being a child.

 's picture

NO means NO. Why don't some

NO means NO. Why don't some men undersand that? Anyone that touches a child in that way should be hung...The heck wth sending them to prison...


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