NRA endorses Summers in U.S. Senate bid

HOLDEN — Republican U.S. Senate candidate and Maine Secretary of State Charlie Summers secured a big endorsement Thursday when the president of the National Rifle Association said the pro gun group with thousands of Maine members is behind his campaign.

Sun Journal file photo 2012

Charlie Summers


The National Rifle Association announced it was endorsing Charlie Summers, the Republican, in Maine's U.S. Senate campaign.

NRA President David Keene was expected to announce the endorsement during a campaign rally at a military supply store focusing on 2nd Amendment rights and sportsmen's issues.

"Traveling across Maine, sportsmen and gun owners from Kittery to Fort Kent have lent their support and rallied behind our simple, clear message of more freedom and less government," Keene said in a prepared statement.

The NRA, the largest gun rights advocacy group in the U.S., has about four million members in the U.S.

"Unlike his opponent, Charlie Summers values the right to self-defense of the people of Maine and honors their rich hunting heritage," Keene said.

Summers is running against former Maine governor and independent candidate Angus King, state senator and Democratic candidate Cynthia Dill and independents Andrew Ian Dodge, Steve Woods and Danny Dalton.

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Hart Daley's picture

2nd Amendment one of our most treasured rights.

Mr. Summers truly supports Maine's interests! Angus King truly supports Angus King's interests.....Mr. Summers you have my vote!

John Goddard's picture

NRA and GOP. Of course!!!!!

NRA and GOP. Of course!!!!! Kinda like peanut butter and jelly. can't have one without the other.


Not 100% true

I believe the NRA is also endorsing Cong. Michaud. So Your comment is not 100% true.

Mark Elliott's picture

Common denominator: FREEDOM!

Common denominator: FREEDOM!

Steve  Dosh's picture

NRA endorses Summers in U.S. Senate bid

all Thursday 3 pm Thursday ?
Is he beholden to n e one else ?
/s Steve


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