Trees, police cars on Rumford board agenda

RUMFORD — Congress Street trees and bids on police vehicles are among agenda items for the selectmen's meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 18, in Rumford Falls Auditorium.

The meeting will be preceded at 6 p.m. by a special town meeting to consider placing a six-month moratorium on the sale and use of consumer fireworks.

At the board's previous meeting, Chairman Greg Buccina asked Town Manager Carlo Puiia if something could be done about the trees on lower Congress Street that look like they're ready to fall down. Puiia said he would check with Public Works Superintendent Andy Russell and get back to the board.

The board will also consider approving bids for two used detective vehicles and a police cruiser.

Police Chief Stacy Carter said in an Oct. 16 memo to selectmen and Puiia that he had reviewed all the bids received for two detective vehicles and recommends acceptance of the bid from Rowe Auburn for the civilian model 2013 Ford Taurus.

That price is $21,377, less $3,500 and $3,600 for two trade-in Impalas with 96,000 and 80,000 miles, according to a spreadsheet of bids in the selectmen's meeting packet.

The board will also hear a presentation on economic development services by Matthew Eddy, which was postponed from the board's previous meeting.

The other presentation is by Tom Smith on the Property-Assessed Clean Energy program. It allows property owners to borrow money to pay for energy improvements.

Selectmen will also revisit a request from Town Clerk Beth Bellegarde to eliminate nighttime voter registration hours that are required by a town ordinance, which the town traditionally hasn't followed.

That discussion was tabled at the previous meeting for clarification from Bellegarde.

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Cars, Cars and More cars.

Again we see more wasteful spending. We have to many police cars for a town our size. The chief should be going back and forth to work in his own car. Each detective does not need his own car and use them also to and from work each day. This town has allowed this department to go overboard with their spending. Board, it's time to revamp your way of thinking and take charge of your police department. Don't let this department convince you otherwise. Both detectives do not each need a car. This is not NY city. If the chief states "what if there is and emergency and a detective needs to be called out."Then start designating that one each night has the on call and that particular night has the vehicle at his disposal only. Enough is enough! The towns people have to put people in office who aren't afraid to say NO; and do what's right for the town. People need to put people in office that have a take charge attitude and not let department heads run them.

What! Check With Andy

He didn't want to take down the rotting trees in front of the municipal and was a major contributer in condemning the great volunteer efforts of those who did ; and that helped the overwhelming controversy that evolved. I presented pictures to the Board of the damage the trees on Congress were doing to the sidewalks and what should be done 4 years ago. Our sidewalks on Congress need to be totally redone. They are dangerous. It needs a complete face lift. Mr. Russell is not the person the Board needs to hear from and to make those decisions. Make the decision Selectboard and tell Mr. Russell to take the trees down no ifs, ands or buts. Get rid of the bricks, redo each corner design throughout Congress street , get rid of the concrete; and then bring in concrete planters, the large ones and plant draft trees within them , maintain them and help upgrade our downtown area. It should have been done years ago but heres the BUT There were and still are Board members who can't do what's right by the town.

 's picture

Hard to believe

I find it hard to believe a former board member now has all the answers to Rumford's woes.

Poor Fred

I had the answers then Fred but no one would listen and want to do anything about those woes. It's people like you who put blinders on along with earplugs in their ears and keep putting people in office that refuse to do anything. You are part of the problem in Rumford. Turn your back on what should be happening and say nothing to really help. At one time I listened to you and your concerns and they were good but then I realized you refused to step out into the forefront to help ends the towns woes that you stated.


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