Maine Turnpike board OKs deeper E-Z Pass discounts

Robert F. Bukaty/Bangor Daily News

Traffic slows for the York tolls on the Maine Turnpike in this file photo.

PORTLAND (AP) — E-Z pass users on the Maine Turnpike will soon see some deeper discounts.

The Maine Turnpike Authority Board on Thursday unanimously approved a phased-in plan to offer revised toll discounts to E-ZPass customers starting Nov. 1.

Turnpike officials say the revised discount plan recognizes the financial constraints facing commuters and businesses dependent on the turnpike each day.

They include a 50 percent discount from E-ZPass rates for customers making 40 or more one-way trips per month and 25 percent off for customers making between 30 and 39 trips for up to 8 months, starting Nov. 1.

For cash-paying customers, tolls at mainline toll plazas will increase to $3 in York, $2.25 in New Gloucester and $1.75 in West Gardiner on Nov. 1.

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 's picture

Less trips to Maine

With this increase in the tolls I will be making less trips back home to visit my family. I usually make at least 4-5 trips home but will likely scale back those trips. I guess I will start using Skype to keep in touch.


James. What is your typical

James. What is your typical trip to see family and do you have an E-ZPass? The E-ZPass rate for Maine customers will increase only 1 cent per mile on November 1.

 's picture

My typical trip

I live in NH and I don't usually drive on the turnpikes here mostly on back roads so an EZ-Pass is not worth it and for driving on the Maine turnpike I am under the impression that I wouldn't get a discount anyway. Most of the time I get on the pike at Kittery and get off in Lewiston but on Memorial day I drive to the Veterans cemetary in Augusta. I come up on a number of the Holidays and a couple of times on other days in between.


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