M.J. Newell: Bring America back

This country was founded on the principles that the people are in control of the government — of the people, by the people and for the people.

Today, the government is so massive it controls every aspect of people's lives. And the people allowed it. People are no longer in control.

Forty-seven percent of the citizenry are on some form of government handout — welfare, free medical or food stamps.

Voting booths are rampant with fraud. Only the liberals believe otherwise.

Illegal aliens are treated better than legal citizens: college expenses, government benefits, free medical care.

People have become complacent, listening to officials' lies and then ignoring them.

The media are lax and biased. They no longer seek the truth.

If people don’t wake up, there won’t be a country to be proud of. People will be living in a Third World country where there are only two classes, the poor and those in government.

The country is being corrupted by liberalism and socialism, yet people stand by doing nothing.

Only half the citizens of this country vote. The rest are equally divided between Democrats and Republicans. It is time the 50 percent who sat back all these years go to the voting booth and bring America back.

Mary Jane Newell,Oxford

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CRYSTAL WARD's picture


At this time about 25-30% of the people are on some from of "welfare" for issues like disability,mental illness, poverty ,unemployment, pell grants for people to go back to school to retrain for a job and medical care -- it is higher than say 2007 because we had a great recession. Some people use several programs and some few. Some call money spend on Head Start welfare . the issue is POVERTY not welfare

No state has found Rampant fraud in the voting process-- No court has been shown information on rampant fraud in voting . this a republican myth to scare the population

OH My "the people" voted for the representatives who made the laws so I quess your problem is with "the people '" not the government.

American democracy is doing just fine -- and people do need to get involved

RONALD RIML's picture

Republicans back at Voter Registration Fraud

Man charged with dumping voter registration forms in Va.

The worker was part of a registration operation backed by the Republican National Committee.


Tribune Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON — A man who was being paid to register voters by the Republican Party of Virginia was arrested Thursday after he was seen dumping eight registration forms into a trash bin.

Colin Small, 31, was working as a supervisor as part of a registration operation in eight swing states financed by the Republican National Committee. Small, of Phoenixville, Pa., was first hired by Strategic Allied Consulting, a firm that was fired by the party after suspect voter forms surfaced in Florida and other states.

The owner of a store in Harrisonburg, Va., told a local television station that he became suspicious when he saw a car with Pennsylvania plates dump an envelope in back of his store. He recovered the envelope and alerted authorities.

"He made a mistake and he's being charged with it, which we fully support," said Sean Spicer, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee. The committee paid more than $3 million to state committees to finance the get-out-the-vote operation.

Strategic Allied is owned by Nathan Sproul, an Arizona political consultant for Republicans whose companies have faced charges in past elections of submitting forged forms and of dumping Democratic registrations.

None of the charges were proved, and Sproul continues to do get-out-the-vote work for conservative causes this election.

"We can't speculate what happened in Virginia," said David Leibowitz, a spokesman for Sproul, adding that the firm was fired on Sept. 28. "Anything that happened after that did not happen on Strategic Allied's watch."

After Sproul was dumped, the registration operation that he assembled continued working under the supervision of party officials, Spicer said. He said the workers will continue to do get-out-the-vote work until the election.

Spicer said that once the accusations were made about dumping registration forms, the employee was immediately fired. He has said that the Republican National Committee had "zero tolerance" for potential fraud.

It's not clear why the forms ended up in the dumpster; in Virginia, the voter form doesn't list a party affiliation.

Three of the voters turned out to be already registered, according to Donald Palmer, secretary of the Virginia State Board of Elections. The other five were not registered, and have since been added to the voter roll. Registration closed Monday.

In Virginia, and other states, it's a crime to accept a voter registration form and not turn it in. Small is charged with destroying voter registration applications and obstruction of justice.

A criminal investigation also is under way in Florida, where election supervisors in 10 counties found suspect forms tied to the Republican Party.

Jason Theriault's picture

Your brain was corrupted.

Your really going to use the 47%? You do realize that less than half that number are the welfare cases you think you rallying about. Most are Seniors and Soldiers.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

O.K. What IS the actual

What IS the actual number of Americans on welfare, free medical, or food stamps?

RONALD RIML's picture

Don't forget 'Corporate Welfare'

Because 'Corporations are People Too.' (LOL)

Where to Cut the Federal Budget? Start by Killing Corporate Welfare

- Straight from Forbes magazine........

"Among the most outrageous expenditures is corporate welfare. Desperate businesses now overrun Washington, begging for alms. Believing that profits should be theirs while losses should be everyone else’s, corporations have convinced policymakers to underwrite virtually every industry: agriculture, education, energy, housing, manufacturing, medicine, transportation, and much more.

My Cato Institute colleague Tad DeHaven has published a new study, “Corporate Welfare in the Federal Budget,” on business subsidies, which he figures to cost about $100 billion a year. Slashing corporate welfare obviously won’t balance the budget—which is why middle class and defense welfare also have to go on the chopping block. However, cutting business subsidies would be a good start to balancing the budget. Moreover, going after corporate welfare is essential to create a budget package that the public will see as fair."

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The Pirate is supportive of

The Pirate is supportive of reducing ALL welfare without exception. Notice I said reduce, not discontinue. Discontinue it for the evil corporations, who as you stated, are people, and the next thing you know, the people who are in need lose it as well.
But neither you nor Jason have responded to my question. The crickets are getting louder, though.

RONALD RIML's picture

Yet you never mention that until I call you on it......

Wonder why.......

 's picture

Good start, good closing. Middle needs work

Your first and last paragraphs are points I think we can all get behind. It's that propaganda in the middle that needs some work.

RONALD RIML's picture

America's been here all the time, Mary

It's only your mind that's wandered.......


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