P. McPhee: In support of public education

In Linda Anthony’s letter (Oct. 1), she stated, “Quint is said to be running against Mason because he is too young to be a senator.”

I met Garrett Mason and believe someday he may have the knowledge to help solve the challenges facing Maine government and public education. Today, however, Maine needs representatives who understand how government and public education should function.

Colleen Quint is that person. She was executive director of the Mitchell Institute, served as vice chair of the Maine Compact for Higher Education, was president of the board of the National Scholarship Providers Association, and currently serves on the board of the Harold Alfond College Challenge.

On the local level, she serves on the school and the budget committees in the town of Minot.

The Maine Education Association supports Colleen Quint. I do too.

Philomena McPhee, Turner

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Amedeo Lauria's picture

Same song...different tune...

Too young??? Seriously??? What a patronizing letter.

I will be voting for Garrett Mason on November 6th, he IS smart and thinks outside the box in regards to education. He supports the education of our children through innovation and financial support, his voting record shows it and to state otherwise is folly.

He knows that the system needs to be fixed. Throwing money at it without demanding results, the liberal solution, is not the answer!

We, and our children, can't afford Ms. Quint as our state senator. Join me in voting for Senator Mason.

The liberal mantra of "for the children" only to further raise property taxes, without result, and to line the pockets of special interest unions is neither acceptable nor should it be tolerated.

We have dedicated teachers, administrators and superintendents. Let's keep them and discard the ones who are not performing! That is the real answer to educating our children!

Vote for Senator Mason he knows what to do!

Richard Begin's picture

Philomena under another name ?

Ms Fraser;

I do agree with what you wote but first you must consider the Source or in this case the person who wrote this Letter to the Editor.

You See Bernice that This Philomen under a New name has been desperately searching for away to be taken Seriously for twenty years.

I suspect that Philomena has been infected the Same Syndrome that was originally diagnosed as the 'I am Woman Can you hear me Roar' Condition

As you may discover correctly that Illness spreads like Wildfire just Ask Kaleigh Tara and Rosa Scrcelli.They were among the first Group to be isolated.

But Not to worry this Virus only can contineau to exist in the Minds of those afflicted


Bernice Fraser's picture

Age is not a factor

You feel that Garret Mason is too young? At what age does one receive knowledge? It seem to me that Senator Mason has been doing an excellent job, giving Maine's public schools an extra $65 million dollars without raising taxes, introducing alternative methods of education without raising taxes, eliminated $8.3 million in Legislative wasteful spending over the next 2 years, and helped pass the largest tax cut for middle class families in our states history.
I know Ms. Quint from her association with the school board in her town and her decisions have largely increased the school taxes wiithout improvement to education, her support comes from the large teachers union who are afraid of loosing their cash cow so are putting out false propaganda against Senator Mason.
Speaking of age, who is being childish in Ms. quint campaign that they have to destroy lawn signs on peoples property, why would I think that? Funny that only the Mason signs are disappering, yet the Quint signs stay untouched. A federal offense to remove those signs, but I'm sure the older and more knowledgeable
Ms. Quint would know that. Senator Mason will get my vote.


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