A. Pelletier: Promotes business, honors veterans

During the past 10 years, I have performed at least a hundred times, singing a song I wrote and recorded about the Vietnam experience. In all those years and performances, I have never seen, or met, any of the state political leaders, except for one.

Mike Michaud.

I helped Michaud serve spaghetti at a supper in Rumford to help displaced workers at the local paper plant. Virtually everywhere the Moving Vietnam Wall appeared in Maine, he was there to honor veterans. He wore New Balance sport shoes in Congress to promote Maine-made businesses

My first visit and physical at the new Veterans Administration clinic in Lewiston was made possible because of Michaud.

If it works, don't fix it. Mike Michaud works for all Mainers.

Al Pelletier, Norway

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Amedeo Lauria's picture

Selective Memory to be sure...

Thanks to Dodd/Frank, we gave home loans to people who could not afford them and crashed our housing market and our economy along with it.

The Wall Street contributors to Obama getting bailed out to the tune of 100% on the dollar for risky behavior that would put the common man in the poor house.

The unions that have chased manufacturing overseas due to higher and higher labor costs...paid off by a GM bail-out.

Union exceptions to Obamacare so they can keep their "Cadillac" healthcare plans.

Glad to see that we are so respected in the world that our embassies are in ashes followed with chants of "We are all Osama...Obama!"

We need to ditch this "Community Organizer" and his socialist/communist associates and get America back on track to prosperity.

I could go on and on...but would rather go to the polls on November 6th and make things right with millions of other clear thinking Americans.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the medicine to the malaise of the last four years.

Amedeo Lauria's picture

The liberal's policies and agendas...

...caused the "spaghetti dinners." Look on any main street in Maine and see the result of four years of liberal governance; EMPTY STORE FRONTS...7%+ unemployment...$4 a gallon gas for our cars and oil to heat our homes...Our foreign policy in complete shambles. Our youth are leaving the state to seek employment opportunity elsewhere.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again (electing high spending, leftist agenda liberals)...and expecting a different outcome.

We need to elect a person who knows how to keep businesses in Maine! So our workers can eat spaghetti in their OWN homes. Lower taxes, lower energy costs will make that happen.

We are fortunate here in Maine to see the tide reversing. We are paying our bills and holding the line against bigger more intrusive government. We need to send that spirit to our nation's capital!

Join me in voting for Kevin on November 6th. As a small business owner Kevin gets it! It isn't working...it needs to be fixed!

AL PELLETIER's picture

Another amnesia case!

Don't you remember the store fronts in 2008? Remember Oxford Plains home building businesses, including mine, going down the toilet? Remember 10%+ unemployment? Remember gas hit $4.08 (USA Today)? Remember 2 wars? And foreign policy, what foreign policy? The US was regarded as the word bully.
I guess you've got Romnesia too!

AL PELLETIER's picture


When I helped served spaghetti supper with Mike Michaud in Rumford to help aid displaced paper mill workers the mill was nearly shuttered, this was in 2007. The mill now employes 897 thanks, in part, to Obama trade restrictions.

Richard Begin's picture

Al & Mike Michaud

Al as usual has his Heart in the Right Place. I myself also support Mike Michaud but for some different reasons for what Al has mentioned. I gather Al is easily impressed with siing a prop like the Congressman Serving up some Spaghetti.

I suspect Al drank too much of the Kool Aid


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