R. Taylor: He is fooling them all

Mitt Romney gained the Republican nomination by saying everything conservatives and the tea party wanted to hear. Weak standing with women, older folks and independents made Romney modify his words to sound moderate.

But the man is only part of it. The other part is the electorate, as the Roman statesman Cicero explained in 44 B.C.

Most people, he believed, manage to judge the difference between the demagogue — that is, an unreliable politician who flatters the electorate — and a statesman.

Of course, flattery only harms those who fall for it. When such a person hears talk made up to suit himself, he takes this empty verbiage as evidence of his own high reputation. Whatever the victim thinks is important, the flatterer always magnifies it further.

Romney speaks. Some feel flattered, unable to recognize they are being fooled. It is the easiest ploy for a politician, one a true statesman doesn't need.

Richard Taylor, Bethel

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Amedeo Lauria's picture

Seems like someone is a bit confused...

The reason there are riots in Europe is that fiscally responsible politicians are trying to pull back on the unbridled, unaffordable benefits that were handed out over the years by irresponsible politicians and functionaries; unfortunately the hate is being directed at the wrong folks the receivers instead of the grantors!

The ones who were responsible are the politicians who spent like drunken sailors, hope my Navy folks will excuse the analogy, on unsustainable benefits. They promised the people anything to get elected/re-elected without doing the math to see if they could pay for it in the long run and sustain it.

The same thing happened here in the USA up in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, the guy who tries to fix it became the bad guy...and we misdirect our anger at the teachers who bargained over the years for the pay and benefits in good faith.

We see this happening everyday in our cities and towns in Maine. Sort of like Pelosi saying "We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it" In this case, you pay the benefits and THEN figure out how much it costs.

It will take a businessman like Mitt Romney to fix this, not a Community Organizer!

America knows this...get ready for the LANDSLIDE for Romney/Ryan on November 6th...join me in making it happen!

Donald Irish's picture

He's fooling them all.

The title was right, the only thing wrong is that the wrong person was named as fooling them all. The current President is the one who fooled all that voted for him. He wasn't qualified for the job when he was elected, and still isn't. The lists of his failings and broken promises are too long. He and his czars have all but ruined our country financially, and dimished our world status as a world power horribly. I think that was his plan all along and he pulled a big hoax on the Democrats. How many will be FOOLED again?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I'd say, give or take 5%, the

I'd say, give or take 5%, the same fools will vote to give him 4 more years. To them, oBAMa's biggest flaw in the eyes of his supporters for the last 4 years is that he hasn't been liberal enough.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

The wonders of "Anamatronics"

I'm not sure how, but they somehow devised a portable "Anamatronic " display. There must be a huge truck following him from state to state, putting on these incredible shows.
I can't help but think I'm at Disney World when ever I see Romney. He doesn't even walk naturally. When ever he speaks, its obvious that someone else is supplying the information. How else can you explain the fact that he can talk for about a minute and a half without taking a breath. His tone never changes. He constantly has that half smirk on his face, it also never changes.
I think this is corporate Americas attempt to get a voice in the White House to support their agenda, I'm just curious about one thing. How many different people are behind the microphone in that truck? How many different Romney's are there going to be to vote for? Its scarey to think of what would happen, if he somehow wins.....

 's picture

I would prefer animatronics ...

... over enematronics, which is what we have received for four years.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Kool-Aid, anyone?

Kool-Aid, anyone?

Amedeo Lauria's picture

I agree with you Claire...

Let's vote out the rest of the Democrats in office who created the mess of which you speak. You've made my point exactly!

Vote for conservative candidates on November 6th and make Claire's dream for America a reality.


the mess

Some of us know how to read and we know whence the mess came from and who has been stuck to try to fix it for the last 4 years. If you want to know what we would look like had the R's got stuck with it just look to Europe. See what their unemployment and gas prices look like thanks to "austerity", what they call the war against the middle class.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Have you looked at what the

Have you looked at what the gas prices are under oBAMa's "prosperity"? They've double since he took office.
Yeah, I know, I know. The president doesn't control gas prices......only when a republican named Bush is president.

Amedeo Lauria's picture

Sure....why not...

...give me four more years of 7+% unemployment, $4 plus a gallon gas for my car and oil for my furnace.

Having alternative energy shoved down our throats regardless of the cost...while funding corporate crony companies. Heck yes!

I will get my cardboard box ready to set up in the Maine woods under 4 more years of this administration.

I really want four more years of leaving our state department folks hanging in the wind. I feel so much better that Hillary Clinton took responsibility for it. At least someone is taking responsibility in Washington!

I can wait to see what the current administration has for us! Let's go to the polls and make sure we don't live that nightmare.


The horror

So 7% unemployment is your idea of a nightmare and losing 4 million jobs, thousands of people homeless, retirement and college savings vanished overnight because of excessive deregulation and criminal conspiracy between lobbyists financiers and politicians is not? And $4 a gallon gas is a horror but 10 years of bloody oil wars, dead sevicemen, huge government deficits, millions of sick and homeless veterans over non-existent weapons of mass destruction is not? You should be lucky enough to live your nightmare. I personally do not care to relive the one we have finally begun to put behind us with the same folks who gave us that ride.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The folks who gave us "that

The folks who gave us "that ride" have been out of the picture for 4 years. The wheels are now off the bus. What's your boy gonna do next; remove the brakes to eliminate his so called "bumps" in the road?
This is all rhetoric; oBAMa's about to be sent packing in an unprecedented landslide.


Magical thinking

The folks who gave us that ride does not, by the way , refer to George Bush. Every president is surrounded by a pack of advisors and lobbyists who act basically like vultures to enrich themselves or to ram through legislation that is special interest and damaging to the country as a whole. Both Bush and Obama had terrible advisers and because they were both pretty green at the job of being president they were mislead by terrible advice. Bush for example on financing wars by borrowing from China, deregulating the banking industry, tax cuts that ran up the debt, weapons of mass destruction that didn't exist and the best one that Al Quaida was unlikely to attack the US. The problem is that Romney has surrounded himself with the same gang of lobbyists and advisors that Bush had. Some of us actually know who they are. One interesting thing though is that Romney is not Bush. Bush had a strong sense of loyalty while Romney is pure Macchiavellian. The reason, for example, they have stopped promoting the hysteria that Obama will take away our guns is that Romney took NRA money then signed gun control laws. He has proven himself willing and capable of turning on anybody including his supporters. Folks like me may not be the only ones taken for a ride with Romney. As for anybody winning by a landslide, somebody has been listening to the Fox fantasy echo machine.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You had a pretty good post up

You had a pretty good post up to and including, "Both Bush and Obama had terrible advisers and because they were both pretty green at the job of being president they were mislead by terrible advice." From that point on, the rest of your post was all about the failings of Bush and Romney with not a single word about oBAMa and the "terrible advice" he got.
Try as you may, Claire, you are unable to be unbiased and that's fine. But, you are a liberal democrat, and we all know it, so why do you keep trying to pretend that you're fair and balanced?


Obama's terrible advice

I think he got terrible advice on education and improving the schools. He got worse advice on Guantanamo. He got bad advice on dealing with the banking investors. He hasn't gotten great advice on Afghanistan. He gave in way too much on ACA,. The end of life advisory panels, for example, should have remained so should cost saving rules for insurance companies. And whoever was guiding his dealings with Congress especially the house should be fired. Most of these advisors have already been let go however.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Understood. One could

Understood. One could conclude from your comments that he wasn't liberal enough. But, that's o.k.; we all know which side of the fence we're on.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Richard, less we forget

His head cheerleader, Paul Ryan (think Barney, Ope and Goober).

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

And Joe Burden is Albert

And Joe Burden is Albert Einstein, right? I don't recall Paul Ryan ever telling a wounded veteran in a wheelchair to "stand up and be recognized", do you?


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