OUR VIEW: Angus King earned respect, deserves vote

The Sun Journal believes Angus King is best-qualified to make a positive difference in the U.S. Senate and continue Maine’s long tradition of electing strong, independent senators.

Mainers remember King’s two terms as governor as a period of economic expansion, growth and progress, and King is the first to acknowledge he benefited from a strong national economy for most of his two terms.

Still, he used his eight years to enact an impressive number of programs and changes that pointed the state in the right direction and benefit us to this day.

We invite voters to visit the websites of the candidates in this race. King’s long list of substantive achievements cannot be matched by his talented but less-experienced opponents.

“Bipartisanship” and “breaking the gridlock in Washington” are on every candidate’s lips these days, and King’s Republican and Democratic opponents do point to occasional examples of how they reached across the aisle in the Maine Legislature.

But King has a long and impressive record of pulling both sides together in Augusta to achieve large and sometimes contentious goals.

King made Maine the first state in the nation to equip middle school students with laptop computers.

Many people called the idea crazy at the time and King overcame strong opposition to enact the program.

The Internet and dot.com explosion of the past decade show that King’s laptop program was visionary and transformative. Now our own Auburn schools are proving that a new type of technology, the tablet computer, can engage the youngest students and help them learn quickly and at their own pace.

The future is clearly digital, but King saw that well before other politicians.

King fought for and won a controversial requirement that educators who have contact with children be fingerprinted and their criminal backgrounds checked for sex offenses.

King was willing to stand up to Maine’s teacher unions, which lobbied hard against the requirement.

But, again, over the past decade we have seen background checks adopted for nearly everyone who works with children, from teachers right down to youth sports coaches.

Again, King showed not only backbone but vision.

King’s record on taxes and government spending have, we believe, been unfairly characterized by attack ads in this campaign.

In 1998, The Economist, which leans conservative on business and economic issues, said this about King: “(He) has exorcised the demons of partisan politics from New England’s largest state ... and has produced results: lower taxes, leaner government and a budget surplus.”

King reduced the state workforce and increased the “rainy day” fund from $6.4 million to $144 million before having to tap some of that money as the economy soured in the last years of his governership.

King reduced the state’s bonded indebtedness and reduced the actuarial liability of the state’s retirement system from 55 percent in 1995 to 32 percent in 2003.

King killed state property taxes on machinery and equipment, ending an illogical penalty on the investments that employ Mainers.

But beyond his record, we believe King has a combination of personal characteristics that will eventually make him another standout senator from Maine.

King, we believe, has a broad vision for a better American future. Rather than playing defensive special-interest politics, King has the independence and strength of character to stand apart, calmly analyze issues, reach logical conclusions and persuade others to join him.

King also has a likable combination of a folksy demeanor and a self-deprecating sense of humor that often makes others like, trust and follow him.

This newspaper endorsed Angus King for governor in 1994 against formidable opposition in an election he narrowly won. We endorsed him in 1998 when he ran for re-election.

We are even more firmly convinced today that Angus King is the best candidate to represent Maine in the U.S. Senate.


The opinions expressed in this column reflect the views of the ownership and the editorial board.

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Naran Row-Spaulding's picture

King Left a Deficit, and Misrepresents His Record

Angus King left Maine with a billion dollar deficit. Watch the video, and see his pal Baldacci, the Portland Press Herald, and other sources which confirm the information.


King is not an Independent. He's a progressive Democrat who pretends to be an Independent. Mayor Bloomberg and the "Americans Elect" super PAC own this guy, and they're spending $1.75M in Maine on attack ads, to prove the point.

Article on "Americans Elect" illegal super PAC supporting King.

Howie Carr show - audio.

My vote goes to Charlie Summers - a Veteran, a hardworking public servant, and a father who raised two children by himself, for years.

 's picture

PPH troll be gone

Anyone got some 'troll away' spray?

This one trolls the Press Herald boards and now seems to be trolling on the LSJ.

Interesting reading if you Google/Bing some of these professional blogger types on the left and right.

Summers, Dill, King... vote who you feel is right for the job. Don't let a professional blogger feed you their slant without taking time to research the source.

#1 - While they may be joining one of the most exclusive clubs in the United States, they're still first term and that doesn't always translate to committee assignments that are important to Mainers (Armed Services, etc).

#2 - An opinion is no different than a belly button. Everyone usually has one.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Angus King earned respect, deserves vote

Rex et. al., 12.10.25 16:30 PST ( Los Angeles )
Nice endorsement ? He will appreciate it muchly
O'bama next ? Sure . . why not ? :D
/s , Steve and friends

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

oBAMa is about to have his

oBAMa is about to have his ass handed to him. Hopefully, unlike the Clintons, he'll leave the silverware behind on the way out.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You call two RINOs and a

You call two RINOs and a democrat in denial "Independent Senators"?

Amedeo Lauria's picture

Cynthia Dill is the eptiome....

of Democrat party. So why are they running away from her for a so-called "Independent." It's because they know that Angus is in there pocket so they consider it a win-win situation.

Voters of Maine, don't be fooled. We tossed out most of the big tax and spenders in Maine and Washington in 2010 with positve results. Let's not go back to the future. Let's continue down the path of rebuilding Maine. A vote for Charlie Summers is a vote for America and Maine's future.

Join me on November 6th and let's put a decent honest gentlemen in Washington who has put himself in harms way for America and our vital interests. It will be a breath of fresh air!

The attack ads against him, to anyone who knows Charlie, are both laughable and sad at the same time.

I recommend you meet Charlie Summers at the Town Hall meeting at the Republican campaign HQ at 806 Sabattus Street, in Lewiston on November 2nd, 5-6pm then make up your mind. At least it will be an informed decision either way...

Norman Mitchell's picture


Reasons not to vote for king!! He signed in to law Maine’s first RPS law in 1999 under former governor Angus King. The RPS policy forces utilities to buy electricity from renewable . At higher costs which are passed on to electricity consumers! Increases in electricity costs have a negative effect on the economy! Customers will have limited opportunity to avoid these costs,” “For the poorest members of society, these energy increases will compete directly with essential purchases in the household budget, such as food, transportation and shelter! Not to mention this set up lined Kings pockets with your tax dollars I dont think anyone who changes laws so he can make a buck should be in elective office what new set up will he make for himself in the senate ! the laptop program a dismal failure and another waste of our tax dollars !! King has help to kill the economy in Maine ! and Dill she is all for the false promise of wind power as well !! So that leaves only Charlie a responsible small government guy ! Government is not the answer its the problem free market should pick the winner or looser in business not the government ! If wind power was so great it wouldn't need my tax dollars to survive !! A vote for king is a vote for the end of Maine !!! the end of tourism the end of the Maine brand people dont come here to visit and industrial complex and that is just what wind power is turning our beloved sate into ! Please dont allow the Bandit Angus King to get elected !!

Steve  Dosh's picture

Vote ? ^^ or they win

Vote ?
^^ or they win ^^
/s , Dr. Dosh

Richard Begin's picture

About Charlie Summers

Let's take a closer look at the Troubled Campaign of Charlie Summers. Just why did he refuse to support Olympia Snowe for her then Reelection Bid? Afterall it was Olympia who so-called took him to the Dance.

Where is your gratitude Mr Secretary of State?

It was Olympia Snowe who Twice provided a very Average in over his head Charlie Summers to two different Lucrative Paying Positions.

This is the Thanks Senator Snowe recieved from Charlie.It has been Proven time after Time that Candidates like Charlie Summers are very Shallow and Exremely Limited.

If we Further Examine Charlies behavior make no Mistake About it if Summers were to get lucky and that is what it would take for him to win. This is what we Mainers would get in return for Electing Charlie.

You can Bet that Charlie would not have one creative idea on his own. He would do as he would be told to constantly vote the Party Line.

We do not want that any more.It was Charlie Summers who with the other Charlie Wbster that is who tried to Abolish the Same day Voter Registration. That was a Ludicrious un wise thing to do.

Finally why did he remain in the office of Secretary of State?

Any other Candidate would have Wisely decided to step out of that office and Concentrate on the Election like his opponets did.

By doing so Charlie Summers could have focused all of his time on the Race

But instead Ole Selfish Charlie did not have the Confidence or Respect for the System or the Voters of Maine.

As always with Charlie Summers it's all about Charlie

We can no longer afford that Liability

R F begin

Naran Row-Spaulding's picture

No Legal Requirement for Summers to Resign

None of the past six secretaries of state, or attorneys general, who have run for other seats over the last 30 years have resigned from office. None. The reason for that, is because it's not legally required, and the Maine Constitution sets forth the structure to handle such issues within the SOS department and other Constitutional offices.

Some of the six were Republicans, and some were Democrats. None were required to resign, and none did resign.


Jun 21, 5:26 PM EDT

A spokeswoman for Summers says he's turned over all elections oversight to a deputy secretary of state. None of the six Maine secretaries of state or attorneys general who have run for higher office in the past 30 years resigned.


Maine's Constitution provides for situations where a Constitutional officer is deceased, ill, or otherwise unable to perform certain duties. The Office is unchanging - the people are interchangeable.


Bureau of Corporation, Elections and Commissions
Julie Flynn, Deputy Secretary of State


Anyone trying to say that Summers has a conflict of interest, or that Summers' campaign situation is unprecedented, is making stuff up - plain and simple.

Naran Row-Spaulding's picture



Matt Dunlap, a Democrat who held the office before Summers, disagreed that there is an inherent conflict of interest.

"I think people are looking at this as if the secretary of state ... is actually tabulating the election results. In fact, you have very, very indirect control over those things," said Dunlap...

JOANNE MOORE's picture

Independent from what, exactly?

Certainly not taxpayer subsidies he took for his windpower scam. Subsidies it was later found that were not needed.


One thing above all

The one thing I want from my senator is some action to eliminate the effects of Citizen's United. I am all for free speech but there should be something that can be done to protect us from the landslide of elephant dung that has coated all media in our state during the last two months. I don't much like all the negativity in political advertisements but to have to hear them a thousand times and more is just plain harassment. I think I can count on Angus to do his bit in this regard. The rest does not matter to me. I never thought I would be looking forward to the return of toe fungus, diarrhea and viagra ads.

Richard Begin's picture

The King Endorsement

Good for the Sun Journal.The Endorsement

It was accurate and truthful and makes it clear that They understand Angus King is the Best Person for the Job.

All this Foolishness about an elaborate Ruse to Pull the Wool over Some ones Eyes is nothing but a Foolish Pipe Dream. For Example read the Comments by Poster Amedeo lauria is Pure Knee Jerk Reaction that has it's Place Firmly Rooted in the Mindsof those who fall for anything

Angus King did it right from then Start, I met him in November of 1993 in Portland at an Event at the State Theatre.

I was convinced then as I remain convinced today that He is the Only Candidate worth Voting for because when one signs on to Support Angus S King.

You always recieve more in Return than you could ever imagine.Angus and I have been friends for many Years and I feel most Fortunate to have met him when I did.

Former City Councilor Gerard Dennison of New Auburn wrote a letter recently supporting the former GovernorMr Dennison called it right Dennison has the Right Mind for the economic achievements of Angus King.

The ultimate outcome will occurr when Angus goes to Washington and that new Era begins.I predict that Angus King may recieve as much as 50% of the Vote imagine what an accomplishment it will happen that way

I am eagerly anticapating the moment

so should all of you


If you respond as many will to this Posting please keep a Civil tongue towards the Candidate and Myself. If you choose to write offensively or say things that are blantly Partisan with out any common Sense or Merit I will not answere your attacks.

R F Begin

Amedeo Lauria's picture

According to accounts in the media...

A ONE BILLION DOLLAR STRUCTURAL DEFICIT ...dropped in the lap of Governor Baldacci. I wonder what John thinks about him representing Maine in Washington. Oh, right...he is supporting Cynthia Dill. John was as close to it as you can get, might be good to pay some attention to his actions in this case. I hope we put this behind us and stand behind Charlie Summers for US Senate. Perhaps we will just be lemmings running toward the sea on this one; I certainly hope not.

Andrew Jones's picture

You sling mud at Angus King

You sling mud at Angus King but fail to provide any reason why we should vote for Charlie Summers. Baldacci is supporting Dill for the same reason you're supporting Summers; partisanship. You were saying something about lemmings?

JOANNE MOORE's picture

The best reason to vote for Summers....

....is that he is NOT Angus King.

JOANNE MOORE's picture

The best reason to vote for Summers....

....is that he is NOT Angus King.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Explain something, please.

Explain something, please. How can you and the Pirate disagree on so many other matters and yet be in such high accord against Angus King? No wise cracks...0O:-)

JOANNE MOORE's picture

Good question, Paul.

I will try to answer it as clearly as I can.

There is nothing so loathsome in a human being as arrogance. King is loaded up to his eyeballs with it. This causes him not to be able to see what a jerk he is or what he has done to our fair State. I am speaking of the environment, the quality of place that makes Maine a place where people from all over the world come to - Vacationland. Our greatest asset and biggest industry is tourism. And jobs,jobs,jobs that are a direct and indirect result of our trying to keep Maine green and not just another parking lot looking like New Jersey or some other industrial wasteland.

While taking taxpayer subsidies which has been proven he did not need, King has caused deep wounds in the very places tourists pay good money to visit. We are not West Virginia, but we are beginning to look that way with our blasted mountain tops and destroyed ridge lines. Blasted and destroyed to erect 400 plus foot windmills that do not work the way advertized 75% of the time. Windmills that cause our electricity rates to go up as we pay through the nose for their erection and 20 years down the road for their clean up. Businesses (and the jobs they bring) don't come here because of high electrical costs for one reason. But because the government says windpower is green, it must be foisted onto the public, never looking at the long term destruction and costs we will have to face. Each and every one of us.

Lepage is trying to get Hydro power (which we have an abundance of) labled green and sustainable. He gets it! And just as you and I have disagreed on many matters, Lepage and I disagree about many things, also. But he is thinking of the Maine people when he castigates the scam of wind power. There is nothing so important to everyone, of every walk of life as an environment that will support life. We all breath,drink,and eat. Every species depends on the same environment in some way or another, flying,crawling,swimming, or upright walkers like us.

When herbicides are sprayed they eventually run off into our wells and waterways. When ridgelines are blasted and concreted over for the bases of windmills, when access roads are clearcut up the sides of mountains, when huge towers are built to support the powerlines to take this weak pittance of sputtering power OUT OF STATE (99 % of it) the environment of our State is being used for personal profit. King enriches himself at the cost of rate payers and taxpayers and tourism, which brings in millions and millions of dollars and helps support our State.

There are those that say wind power brings jobs. These are temporary and often from out of state. And no one is willing to give the people of Maine a clue to what it will cost to clean up the rotting and rusted out windmills about 20 yars from now, least of all King himself. He will be gone, like many of us old folks. Our children and grandchildren will be paying for it, in more ways than one. But profit before people and where we live -- that's Angus King. A carpetbagger who squeezes out what he can from us and then goes back to Virginia and leaves us to fix the damage done.

Only a vote for Charlie Summers can stop Angus. I am proud to say I filled out my absentee ballot and so did my husband for Summers. I hope enough of us do.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I'm in.....very well stated.

I'm in.....very well stated.


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