‘Violent sexual predator’ found working as a baby sitter in Old Orchard Beach, police say

OLD ORCHARD BEACH, Maine — A sex offender convicted of raping juveniles was living as an unregistered sex offender in Old Orchard Beach and working locally as a baby sitter, police said Tuesday.

Maine Sex Offender Registry

Michael Amico

Michael Amico, 41, of Scarborough was among 46 people charged as a result of four months of investigations into drug trafficking allegations, conducted by the Old Orchard Beach Police Department and 12 other state, local and federal agencies.

Amico, who was described by Chief Dana Kelley on Monday as a “violent sexual predator,” is facing charges of failing to register as a sex offender and having prohibited contact with a minor.

The sweep of arrests tied to the four-month-old narcotics initiative, announced Monday by Kelley, largely consisted of drug offenses. But with two officers assigned to follow up on tips and conduct surveillance of suspects since last spring, many other cases of outstanding warrants and suspicious activity were uncovered in the process, Sgt. Gerard Hamilton explained Tuesday.

Among those falling into the latter category was Amico, a convicted sex offender who Hamilton said had not registered his Scarborough address with the state government, which keeps a publicly accessible database of sex offenders.

Making matters worse, Hamilton said, police discovered that Amico was working locally as a baby sitter. His previous three convictions include gross sexual assault of a person under the age of 14 and gross sexual assault of a person under the age of 18 while serving in the capacity of a parent, guardian or other long-term caregiver.

“In the course of a couple of investigations, we learned about Michael Amico being around a couple of children, and we learned he was a sexual predator,” Hamilton told the BDN Tuesday. “During the time we learned that he was living down here, he was supposedly saying [to the state] he was living up in the Augusta area.”

Hamilton said Amico allegedly had made arrangements through a mutual acquaintance to baby-sit for at least one family that had two children. He said police are not aware of any other families who had hired him, and said Amico is not believed to have harmed the two children.

Hamilton said police made the parents aware of Amico’s listing on the sex offender registry through a third party, and the parents stopped hiring him. The sergeant said investigators used a third-party communicator to maintain their cover while they were tracking Amico and at the same time taking steps to ensure he was unable to continue baby-sitting in the community.

“We learned that he was watching a couple’s children,” Hamilton said. “We were also told by the parents of the children that when they learned about his status, they stopped letting him watch their children.”

Amico is being held in York County Jail on a probation revocation.

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Amedeo Lauria's picture

I would be willing to spend extra tax dollars...

to hire more officers to keep better tabs on these people!

They destroy so many young lives with their dispicable compulsions!

Glad the OOB Police Department was on its toes.

Makes you wonder how many more are out there in positions of trust.

Hope our law enforcement folks see this as a wake-up call!

In this age of computers; there has to be a better way...facial recognition software...for parents and youth groups to use?

One slip is one too many.


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