D. Koch: Cannot change God's laws

That the homosexual activists believe they can change the laws of God is stunning. God made marriage to be a sacred covenant and sacrament between a man and a woman and his laws cannot be nullified.

It is also against nature. It is self destructive. It is a mortal sin.

It needs forgiveness, not codification and normalization.

People have to learn to control their passions, not become slaves to them. Yet, they must be told that God does love them, and they can be redeemed.

But society cannot "normalize" a self-destructive behavior that can rob human beings of eternal happiness.

I shall pray for them, but when they try to force others to create a right to homosexual marriage where none exists, I, and others who feel the same, must oppose them with all our might.

Denise Koch, Lewiston

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Andrew Jones's picture

God didn't make our laws, we

God didn't make our laws, we did. If he wants a say in how we choose to govern our state, he can register to vote like the rest of us.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"Will he be required to

"Will he be required to provide voter ID?", inquired the inquisitive parrot.

Andrew Jones's picture

If James T. Kirk is running

If James T. Kirk is running the poll station, yes.


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