T. Capola: Unsubstantiated allegations

Certain residents of Roxbury, specifically those living along the shore of Roxbury Pond, are very quick to make unsubstantiated comments about Angus King and the wind farm located in Roxbury.

Does that mean that they have volunteered to not take the tax cut that came from the installation? How about the regular checks they and other property owners receive? Did they cash those checks?

They can’t have it both ways. To do so would make their comments hypocritical.

Finally, they have, no doubt, seen King's income tax statements. Where are the “millions” he allegedly made from his involvement in that enterprise?

Tony Capola, Rumford

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Norman Mitchell's picture

unsubstantiated comments

Is it so hard for people to believe that not everyone in Roxbury is happy with the windfarm and not everyone can be bought off? What makes you think complaints are not real? What unsubstantiated comments you dont tell us what they are in your article , Could it be that you couldn't name them because their are no unsubstantiated comments ! Dare you to read the facts on king hear is one link http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/09/10/angus-king-solyndra-O...
or are these unsubstantiated claims ! Hope you like the new wind farm they want to build in Roxbury !

Tony Capola's picture

Roxbury Wind Towers

My earlier comments were not intended to challenge anyone’s right to oppose to the wind-tower concept. I was trying to point out that the political commercials, aired to try and defeat Governor King in his run for the US Senate, are misleading.

If King, as declared, made “...millions and millions” from his investment where is it? If Mr. Desalle wishes to stand by his claim he should be willing to provide proof.

Everyone, including those opposed to the project, is entitled to invest as they see fit. No one should have to apologize because a business enterprise is or was profitable.

The voters of the town of Roxbury voted to approve the project despite the wrongful allegations from the opponents. It passed and the work is done.... deal with it! We all live in a democracy where the majority rules.

Practically all political ads are blatantly false. The opponents featured in the referenced commercial were challenged by me to acknowledge that they are benefiting from the enterprise they so vehemently opposed.

If they feel so strongly about this matter they should be willing to reject any of the monetary benefits.

Norman Mitchell's picture

some king info

http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/09/17/The-Angus-King-Federa... and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angus_King and http://www.windtaskforce.org/profiles/blog/show?id=4401701%3ABlogPost%3A... and http://www.windtaskforce.org/profiles/blogs/breitbart-worse-than-solyndr... and https://www.mainegop.com/2012/09/kings-revisionist-timetable-contradicte... and http://bowdoinorient.com/article/7652

Reasons not to vote for king!! He signed in to law Maine’s first RPS law in 1999 under former governor Angus King. The RPS policy forces utilities to buy electricity from renewable . At higher costs which are passed on to electricity consumers! Increases in electricity costs have a negative effect on the economy! Customers will have limited opportunity to avoid these costs,” “For the poorest members of society, these energy increases will compete directly with essential purchases in the household budget, such as food, transportation and shelter! Not to mention this set up lined Kings pockets with your tax dollars I dont think anyone who changes laws so he can make a buck should be in elective office what new set up will he make for himself in the senate ! the laptop program a dismal failure and another waste of our tax dollars !! King has help to kill the economy in Maine ! and Dill she is all for the false promise of wind power as well !! So that leaves only Charlie a responsible small government guy ! Government is not the answer its the problem free market should pick the winner or looser in business not the government ! If wind power was so great it wouldn't need my tax dollars to survive !! A vote for king is a vote for the end of Maine !!! the end of tourism the end of the Maine brand people dont come here to visit and industrial complex and that is just what wind power is turning our beloved sate into ! Please dont allow the Bandit Angus King to get elected !!


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