Looking Back on October 27

100 years ago, 1912
(Letter to the Editor — Lewiston Evening Journal) Who could find a more appropriate, convenient or picturesque park than the property back of the Washburn primary school and near the A.A.A. Park, Auburn.? Allow the baseball field to remain where it is, fix up the lagoon attractively, arrange settees about the bank, purchase the land extending from the school yard to the field where the city of Auburn has its tar fires, set out flower beds, plant shade trees and place seats here, build a rustic bridge across the picturesque gully and there is your park! This is accessible by trolley if one should not care to go on foot and certainly the possibilities for a landscape gardener are almost innumerable. An attractive entrance to the A.A.A. park from Center street would also add greatly to the natural resources.  (From a Reader)

50 years ago, 1962
Twenty-four Lewiston Sun-Journal carriers, winners of a recent subscription contest, spent today in Boston, as their reward. Following a show at the Boston Cinerama Theater (The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm), and a tour of the city, the group was scheduled to head for home, stopping for dinner at Yoken’s Restaurant in Portsmouth.

25 years ago, 1987
Last Thursday, mobile home movers from Lewiston brought a second-hand trailer to a newly poured pad on a country road in Turner. This weekend, power was put in. And this week, Jennifer Tuttle and her daughters Wisha and Bridget, will be moving in. For the single mother, it’s a dream come true, and the fairy godmothers in the picture are the Rural Community Action Ministry in Leeds, and their partners Enterprise Foundation from Maryland and the Maine Department of Human Services. An old camp which had been the family’s home for six years was beyond repair.

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Bridget Tuttle's picture

25 years ago

My name is Bridget (Tuttle) Thompson and I just wanted to thank you for running our story 25 years later. We still have the original newspaper clipping from the first time you guys wrote this story its pretty awesome to look back 25 years ago to when I was 7 years old and our new house was being put in and how proud my mom, a single mother of two was to work her tail off to provide for us. Thank you so much


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