Turner's Lady Liberty stolen

Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

Wayne and Carolyn Viger hold a photo of the Statue of Liberty stolen from near the corner of Routes 4 and 117 and a newspaper with the message, "I guess Christians aren't moral after all!!!" The message was left sometime overnight Thursday. The couple, who have been married for 38 years and oppose gay marriage, erected the statue with "No on 1" signs 10 days ago. Question 1 on the Nov. 6 ballot would make same-sex marriage legal in Maine.

TURNER — Overnight on Thursday someone stole a 9-foot papier-mache Statue of Liberty from the corner of Routes 4 and 117 and left a note on the ground:

Jose Leiva/Sun Journal File Photo

A 9-foot papier-mache Statue of Liberty stands near the intersection of Routes 4 and 117 in Turner before it was stolen sometime between Thursday evening and Friday morning.

Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

A page from the Oct. 24 edition of the Kennebec Journal has a handwritten message that reads, "I guess Christians aren't very moral after all!!!" with an article about a $250 fine for removal of political signs circled. It was left at the site of a papier-mache Statute of Liberty that was stolen overnight Thursday next to Route 4 in Turner.

“I guess Christians aren’t moral after all.”

It was, Carolyn Viger believes, retribution gone awry.

For almost two weeks the Lady Liberty had stood next to a large, plywood “No on Question 1” sign near the Calvary Baptist Church. The thieves, Viger believes, blame her for repeatedly taking down nearby “Yes on Question 1” signs.

But she says she didn’t do it.

“I would have thought they would have taken the ‘no’ sign before they would have taken her,” Viger said Friday morning. “We want her back. Give us our Liberty.”

The art piece, a rabbit-wire frame covered in papier-mache by volunteers at the Turner Village Church, made its town debut several years ago during the Fourth of July parade. It had been stored in someone’s kitchen since.

Carolyn’s husband, Wayne Viger, a local volunteer for Protect Marriage Maine, had been setting the statue out each morning and taking it home each night after getting permission from Calvary. On Thursday evening, he didn’t have time to get out there.

“When my husband got up this morning, he had this sick feeling in his stomach,” Viger said. When he drove out to check at 6:15 a.m., it was gone. Thieves took the statue and the 10-foot two-by-four to which it was tethered. They left the note beside a newspaper article about it being illegal to steal campaign signs.

“Yet they took our Statute of Liberty and threw one of our signs over the bank,” Viger said. “The hypocrites who did this are doing much more.”

Viger had seen the “Yes on Question 1” signs pop up along that stretch of Route 4 only to be quickly taken down and new signs planted in their place, but she wasn’t part of it, she said.

“They’re getting the wrong idea,” she said. “I would know better than to touch somebody’s sign.”

State Trooper Eric Paquette is investigating. He wasn’t optimistic about Liberty’s intact return.

“If we happen to see it, we will take possession of it,” he said. “Needless to say, we’re not calling out the National Guard to do a search for it.”

“I can’t imagine that she hasn’t been totally destroyed,” Viger said. “We’re hoping to get her back. We just want her back.”

There had been no word on another high-profile theft in town Monday of Turner’s Bicentennial Bell.


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Licia Kuenning's picture

Misuse of language

It is not the case that Question 1 would "make same-sex marriage legal in Maine." "Same-sex marriage" is not the name of an illegal activity; the phrase is just an abuse of language. If you think "same-sex marriage" is illegal, tell me when was the last time someone was arrested for engaging in this illegal activity.

Dana Burgess's picture

Their you go

How long before the gays resort to violence if they don't get their way this time? The thing is anybody gay or not could have taken the liberty lady but who left the note? There are non Christians out there that could and would take the vote yes on 1 signs. I only see this problem getting worse as time goes on. Vote no on 1 please.

Diana Currier's picture


EXACTLY ! I see it coming on too.

Allisa Milliard's picture

evidence that same sex

evidence that same sex marriage supporters do not resort to bulling tactics, they just want to peacefully debate and talk. like i have said, BOTH sides are guilty of these tactics, contrary to both sides denial. thing like this is what hurts your causes, not helps.


Find the culprit

This is the problem with these people they want thier rights and they will use what ever means to get them, from forcing gay judges to claim they have the right under the constitution ahh NOT ! our forefathers would have turned with disgust so dont tell me they wrote the constitution to allow gay marrige That is just not true. If you have an opposing view then they will try wiping it away or remove it from view as it may change the out come and they may lose, sort of the same tactics the Republican party uses, like create fraud in the voter registration so that they can claim there is voter fraud and require Birth certificates thereby discouraging those most likely to vote for the other party. I would Like the dems to revert back to the values it once had, that of working for the working people and getting those not working back to work, to give a helping hand not a hand out that's what the dems once ment to me, not to be tearing down our morals.

Andrew Jones's picture

Lets go out on a limb and

Lets go out on a limb and claim fact that the founding fathers would not have approved of gay marriage. They were also wrong about slavery, women's suffrage, poor suffrage, native american suffrage, and so on. If you wanted to see an opinion on equality, these gentlemen would be last on my list of people to ask.

Catherine Pressey's picture


How we get to the forefathers we are not voting on changing the constitution here. Truely you gays should take this to Washington and stop with the state. Because no matter what victory you may get here, without the change at the top, you can not travel into a different state that has not accepted your so called marriage. You see Andrew this is just where this should be going, Ask them to change the constitution then come back to the states. Because those gentlemen you call them did live in a different time, but no matter what you do or say marriage under God is one man and one woman joined in marriage. If you want to leave god out go bigger change it at the top. And leave us alone I will vote to keep marriage as is where is. However I would support the Civil Unions per se. if it is financial issues.

Andrew Jones's picture

Please pay attention to the

Please pay attention to the flow of the conversation; I didn't bring up the forefathers, Danny did. I merely pointed out that they were flawed individuals who were wrong then as people like you are wrong now. You cannot change this at the national level because the federal government does not issue marriage licenses; the states do. The question here is marriage recognized by the state, not by god. If he wants a say, he can vote like everybody else. I don't believe anyone is seeking god's approval because god doesn't decide how we choose to govern ourselves.

Diana Currier's picture


rich people still have them white and black, they are just paid now. Don't say it's a job, some are abused and can't tell. ok i'm done, like i said my right to vote no and I did :)

Andrew Jones's picture

I assume you're referring to

I assume you're referring to slaves? Well, those are jobs. One of the many virtues of not being a slave is they can choose to walk away and find other employment at any time.

Diana Currier's picture


some can and some can't , anyway, I was talking about gay marriage.... you know, the ones who will say anything to justify what they do. Well it's on them, and I DON'T have to agree.

Wendi Ward's picture

Ahh the Irony!

Carolyn Viger wants back "liberty", but has no problem taking liberty away from others.
It must be nice to be so sure your more entitled to a liberty (in this case marriage) than others are.
WTG Karma wins!

Catherine Pressey's picture

liberty you say liberty

Now your calling gay marriage liberty, your already parading down the streets, now your confused liberty does not make laws or government does. You if your gay have just as much liberty than I or anyone. And if you want to change the diffinition of marriage your all wet. Now you may get what you wish, it will not change anything because liberty or change has to start at the top in this case. So no one takes you liberty away. You have the right to marry, if your female marrry male, male marry female. One man and one woman. Get your Civil Union or go to the top and stop the wa wa and normal wantings, it will never be normal your might get it passed here in Maine. But I hope not, nothing you say will convince me marriage need to change to all the wims of every different idea. Like the right to marry more than one person at the same time. Maybe that is a loss of your Liberty too! NOT!

Diana Currier's picture


getting vicious now aren't they? I voted no and always will period.My choice, thats why it's on there.


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