Missing teen returned to grandmother's home

AUBURN — A 15-year-old girl reported missing from her grandmother's home in early October was returned there Friday, police said.

Opal Swearingen
submitted photo

Opal Swearingen

Opal R. Swearingen had a history of running away, police said.

Authorities issued a missing persons alert earlier in the week. Evidence had shown she had returned to her grandmother's home a short while after she went missing to retrieve personal items, police said. For that reason, they believed she was in the immediate area.

Swearingen was the subject of a missing persons police investigation earlier this year after she and 30-year-old Charles Fontenot of Lewiston refused to return home for nearly a month, police said. Fontenot is in jail.

On Friday, at roughly 5 p.m., she was found near her father's home in this city. She was then returned to her grandmother's home.

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Steve  Dosh's picture

Missing teen returned to grandmother's home

Good News ?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Unfortunately, kids like this

Unfortunately, kids like this tend to fall through the cracks of the system. Basically, she's committed no crimes that we know of; Juvy would serve little purpose other than to make her worse. The foster care program is there, but who wants to take in a kid who won't stick around long enough to warrant a change of bedsheets. And then, her love interest is a 30 year old guy who happens to be behind bars.No grandmother deserves this sort of stuff. Why is she not living with her parents?

Steve  Dosh's picture

Paul , Q: Why is she not

Paul ,
Q: Why is she not living with her parents?
A : Probably in her folks' d n a . . er . .. drugs 'n alcohol , tobacco use , spousal abuse . .things of that nature . Sexual abuse , too , possibly . Who knows ? Look up the guy . Many of your male and female Maine friends , family and neighbors are listed here : http://sor.informe.org/cgi-bin/sor/step1.pl It's all too common in rural areas such as Appalachia and Hawai'i . There are many types of addictice personality behavior disorders . We just got a guy on my own street ( about five blocks up ) who was sexually abusing his own kids . h t h , /s Dr. Dosh Happy Halloween

 's picture

Time to put...

...a really short leash on this girl, held by someone other than an elderly grandmother, who has all ready been put through hell by this youngster.


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