Truck crashes into parked cars

CASCO — A dump truck traveling west on Meadow Road went out of control on a slight curve and hit four parked vehicles Wednesday afternoon, police said.

Chuck Blaquiere photo

Chuck Blaquiere photo

A 2003 Mack dump truck belonging to Sumner Sessions Excavation out of Norway hit four parked vehicles Wednesday afternoon and struck a utility pole head-on, causing the pole to break.

The 2003 Mack truck belonging to Sumner Sessions Excavation out of Norway caused extensive damage to the parked vehicles, which may be destroyed. The truck then left the roadway and struck a utility pole head-on, causing the pole to break, Capt. Jeff Davis of the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office wrote in a news release.

He reported that the truck was entangled in live utility wires and the operator was unable to get out because of the live wires. The operator was identified as George E. Morin, address unknown. Morin was trapped in the truck for about a half-hour until crews from Central Maine Power Co. arrived on scene.

Casco Fire Rescue responded to the scene and attended to Morin, who did not require hospitalization for his injuries. The four vehicles were not occupied at the time of the accident, Davis said.

The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office Accident Reconstruction Team and the Maine State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Team were at the scene Wednesday night, trying to determine the cause of the accident. Davis estimated damages to be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Charges had not been filed, pending the outcome of the crash scene investigation, he said.

The accident occurred at 3:54 p.m. near 942 Meadow Road, Davis said.





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 's picture

The truck driver was

The truck driver was probably traveling a little too fast.

 's picture

The speed limit is 25 miles

The speed limit is 25 miles per hour through that section of town. The road is a 2 lane road, fairly wide for center of town. My first instinct is inattention at the wheel...or medical. If it were ETOH he would have been arrested at scene I would think.


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