G. Howe: A choice of lifestyle

Since 1993, there has been exhaustive research into whether people are born homosexual. After years of research, the conclusion shows no scientific evidence that homosexuals are born that way. That means gays have a choice. If they have a choice, I conclude that being gay is a lifestyle.

Being a vegetarian is a lifestyle. Smoking is a lifestyle. And being gay is a lifestyle.

One argument is that it doesn't affect the straight community, but it does. The gay community decided they wanted laws passed and laws changed to accommodate their lifestyle.

I wonder how much money is being spent to support or fight those laws by individuals or states to implement those changes, along with the moral issues a lot of people have with the gay community's wishes to legalize same-sex marriage?

I believe the issue is a blatant case of political correctness gone to the extreme.

Where have I gone wrong?

Gordan Howe, Hanover

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Derek Green's picture

A lifestyle choice...

...so Gordon, if being gay is a lifestyle choice, when did you face that decision to be gay and decide that being straight was the option for you (assuming that was your choice)? Curious to know, since I never made any choices myself...

Richard Begin's picture

Gordie Howe


The only thing wrong is that there is no doubt that being Gay is something that does happen. Like it or not.
Let me ask you Gordie if you had a Gay Nephew and Niece as I do and they Sauntered into your Restarunt in Hanover for Lunch?

Would you serve them or would you Judge them for not fitting into what you think is Important?

I Wonder why something like this Issue has you so Fired up? Is the Gay issue something that Threatens you.?


 's picture


...in your thinking.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Have you ever wondered why

Have you ever wondered why some adults are attracted to children? Yes, I'm talking about pedophiles. The recidivism rate of a pedophile indicates there is something biological driving their behavior, not just choice. That said, could there be similar biological drivers that attract people to the same sex?

On a lighter note, why are some people more prone to alcoholism or drug addiction than others? There has to be something biological going on here that affects people differently. Simply a choice is, well, just too simple an answer.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Refreshing perspective,

Refreshing perspective, Mark.
The Pirate, AND, the parrot are so tired of seeing this horse beaten over and over, that neither of us really cares how the vote swings (pun intended) as long as it's over with. But, we all know that no matter what, it will come back again in another color and with a different name, but the demands of the homosexuals and lesbians will not end with same-sex marriage.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Ya Paul, it is getting pretty old

The only way it can be stopped from coming back year after year is to soundly defeat it by a greater margin then last time, and perhaps the message will be sent for this movement to go spend their money in another state--Mainers ain't buying it!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The Pirate wishes he could

The Pirate wishes he could share your confidence, Al, but he fears that too many Mainers have bought into this notion that two guys getting married is o.k.
The deceased grandparents of anyone over 65 who favors same sex marriage must be flipping over in their graves with blood shooting out of their eyeballs in absolute wonderment of what has happened to America and their grandchildren, in particular.

Derek Green's picture

Seriously, Paul.

Who's being a drama queen here?


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