Lady Liberty returns to Route 4 in Turner

TURNER — A Livermore Falls man whose "Yes on 1" signs were disappearing from the Route 4 roadside said he was the one who left a cryptic note for the thieves.

Sun Journal file photo

A 9-foot papier-mache Statue of Liberty stands near the intersection of Routes 4 and 117 in Turner before it was stolen sometime between Thursday evening and Friday morning. She was returned Saturday.

But Allen Parker told the Sun Journal on Saturday he was not responsible for the recent disappearance of a 9-foot, papier-mache Statue of Liberty accompanying "No on 1" signs in the same area.

"I had absolutely nothing to do with that statue," he said.

Parker, who is not affiliated with the Mainers United for Marriage campaign, said he'd been erecting signs independently in support of same-sex marriage on Route 4 near the intersection of Route 117. When he'd drive past the location later, they'd be gone. Other times, "No on 1" signs appeared directly in front of his signs, rendering them unreadable.

The last time that happened, he said he left a newspaper at the site with an article circled that referenced the penalty for sign stealing, which is $250. He wrote a note on the page that read: "I guess Christians aren't moral after all!!!"

He said his note was intended for the takers of the signs he was repeatedly losing at the site. Because it was near a church, he thought those responsible for the theft might have been members of that church, though he had no proof. He doesn't believe that's true now.

On Friday, a local couple reported that the statue accompanying their anti-same-sex marriage signs had been taken.

Parker said the statue was still there when he left his note.

Since then, the statue has reappeared, Parker said. On Saturday, he put a new "Yes on 1" sign on the roadside. The statue was back in place, he said.

When he returned later Saturday, evening, the statue had been taken away for the night, he assumed for safe-keeping. But his sign had been moved to a location where it couldn't be seen easily, he said.

The couple who planted the "No on 1" signs and the statue had told the Sun Journal they were not responsible for taking the rival signs. They said they believed the missing statue had been intended as retribution for the missing "Yes on 1" signs.

Wayne Viger, a local volunteer for Protect Marriage Maine had been setting the statue out every morning and taking it home every night until Thursday night when he didn't have time to retrieve it, his wife, Carolyn, told the Sun Journal.

The next morning it was gone, she said

Parker said he called the couple and they told him the statue had been returned behind the church.

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 's picture

Private property

What Mr Parker has since learned, but has not mentioned here; the reason his signs kept being removed was because he was placing them on private property. That cannot be done without the owner's permission which had not, nor will be granted.

Catherine Pressey's picture

Private property

Well I can not believe, now we are saying private property. Like one of my neighbors thinks he controls the land on the edge of the town street. The Streets are a certain width, like my is 49.5 feet wide. My neighbor thinks he can block the edge of the road, thought his land went to the tar. Many state roads and town roads were set to be a certain width. That is why a person can place their mail boxes along the other side of the road, from their homes. Town or state right of ways. Gosh Heck I would not want a vote yes sign on my front yard, but truely not anything I can do about it and I have 330 feet of frontage. Signs in my opinion are messy and really hate seeing all of them for any reason. So permission is not need to place a sign on the edge of most roads, Martha that is our liberty.

Diana Currier's picture


Forget it, in a way I hope it does pass, then WHAT do we have to hear?? I hope it puts a rest to all you "need" to be gay ! Seriously!!

Diana Currier's picture

its on you

If it passes, it passes, and congrats, maybe we can move on, but I already voted and I voted no. I must NOT be the only one doing this, because it never passes You can say what you want, call me what you want, IDC period. I do agree the Liberty statue should not be there on RT4 though..

Diana Currier's picture


then leave us alone in our desision, it was on MY ballot too!

Diana Currier's picture



 's picture

The Statue of Liberty Freedom and Equality for all

What is with these people??? There priorities are all mixed up. They enjoy the rights they have but they ignore and disrespect the ones that gave them to them. It’s really an insult to the freedoms of American’s to use such an iconic symbol as the Statue of Liberty to support the suppression of the equality of life and freedoms that we as American’s all enjoy.
There are a lot of men and woman who have fought and died for that symbol of freedom the Statue of Liberty and yes some were gay and lesbian. They fought and died in the defense of this country and the protection of all our rights. I’m just grateful that these people weren’t selective in who they were dying for. In fact, even thou you are still trying to deny them something that is really none of your business at all they are still fighting and dying to protect you and your rights. If I have to show respect with my vote it has to go to them.
To all these people and groups that are trying to deny these people the quality of life that some of them have fought and died for Why don’t you spend your money on something worthwhile like helping the disabled vets of this state or the hungry and the homeless . But be careful some of them may be gay also.

 's picture

Every time I see a No on One

Every time I see a No on One sign I want to get out and edit it to more accurately say "Don't Redefine Marriage AGAIN" Marriage has been redefined many times. At one time it was alright for the man to beat his wife if she didn't do what he said. Her opinion had no influence in the marriage. Do you want to go back to that? And interracial marriage is a fairly new occurrence....before that it was one one thinks twice about it. Marry outside of your own religion? Never! And polygamy was quite common at one time. Traditional marriage has been redefine many times throughout history.

Whitney LeBlanc's picture

i really dont like ANY signs

do people really think some paper signs that pollute my view of foliage make a difference in voting? Your signs are not going to sway my beliefs or those of my family, I know that much. How about we stop wasting the paper all together? weather i agree with the sign or not, I don't want to see it. Not one. Especially not 10-15 in a row. Unnecessary!

 's picture


This statue has no place on a road that already has had way too many accidents, it's just an element to distract drivers.

Catherine Pressey's picture

Marriage/Liberty different

Protect Marriage is what I will vote for, my only sister passed away last year, and the last time this issue came up, she said they have no need to marry. Might I add she was gay when you did not parade down the road and think that will make it right or legal. You may win this issue as many of us are real tired of seeing this come back at us again. Sister was many years older and wiser, has anyone that wants this right thought about, the fact that it will not make your so called love last. It is a physical obsessive need that you call it normal. Marriage can not connect two women or two men. I agree that Civil Unions may be all you need if it is what you claim. Gay will never be normal in my book, or Gods , therefore I too will vote against the change. JUST LIVE YOUR LIVES AND STOP TRYING TO PUSH YOUR DIFFERENCES ON THE REST OF US. LOVE: LEGAL CALL IT ANYWAY YOU WANT, NOT NORMAL GET A CIVIL UNION AND STOP THE BULL!

 's picture


Have you ever thought just once how it would feel if the shoe were on the other foot? Gay isn't different, anymore than red hair is different. Sex for make and female couples and for same sex couples can be stated as both obsessive or both normal, depends on who you ask. I'm not sure why some people think its only about sex when same sex couples want to marry, they've been having sex unmarried for as far back as anyone can trace. Why don't YOU live YOUR life and quit trying to push narrow minded views on the rest of us. What I really can not wrap my head around is, that God doesn't make mistakes, so if he makes some people homosexual, there was a reason for it, therefore god would want them to be able to marry. I am amazed at all the "Christians" who are showing less than Christian values. What gives you the RIGHT to tell me who I can marry? Small town mentality.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

..."therefore god (sic) would

..."therefore god (sic) would want them to be able to marry."
How could you possibly know what God would want?
"What gives you the RIGHT to tell me who I can marry?"
Want to marry anyone you want? Go for it; as long as you marry a man. Men marrying men and women marrying women is what is causing you all to have these problems.

 's picture

Someone needs glasses

Had you read my post, you would see that I would never tell anyone who they could marry, that is not my "right". My "right" as a child of god, is to treat all his children equally. You are the one who wants to tell people who they can marry, you say I can marry anyone I want as long as the person I choose is male. So you are the one telling me who I can marry.
I agree with an above poster who stated how many times the definition of marriage has been changed. Not that long ago, you would t have seen interracial couples, mixed religion marriages, you could marry a first cousin not that long ago. Everyone in this country should be treated equally and have the same opportunities, that includes marriage.
I can't wrap my head around why if your not being made to marry a person of your same sex, you object to who someone else marries, it's non of your business. Perhaps some are afraid if same sex marriage passes their spouses will flee the marriage, so they could marry a person of the same sex

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I am not telling you who you

I am not telling you who you can marry; the laws of the State of Maine are. In fact it isn't illegal to marry a person of the same sex in Maine. It is illegal to issue a license to marry someone of the same sex. That's the wording on the ballot question. It's really a lot to do about not a whole lot.

 's picture

Someone needs glasses

Had you read my post, you would see that I would never tell anyone who they could marry, that is not my "right". My "right" as a child of god, is to treat all his children equally. You are the one who wants to tell people who they can marry, you say I can marry anyone I want as long as the person I choose is male. So you are the one telling me who I can marry.
I agree with an above poster who stated how many times the definition of marriage has been changed. Not that long ago, you would t have seen interracial couples, mixed religion marriages, you could marry a first cousin not that long ago. Everyone in this country should be treated equally and have the same opportunities, that includes marriage.
I can't wrap my head around why if your not being made to marry a person of your same sex, you object to who someone else marries, it's non of your business. Perhaps some are afraid if same sex marriage passes their spouses will flee the marriage, so they could marry a person of the same sex

Diana Currier's picture


If you were a child of God you would put a capital letter on that word.

Andrew Jones's picture

Does your god really give a

Does your god really give a damn about one man's grammar on a newspaper's internet forum?

Diana Currier's picture


some people will find anything to bi%ch B&^ch , b^&ch, you didn't hear the person that DID it b%^ch did you??No he turned it positive, like you should learn to do, as I am learning to do also, thank you for pointing that minor thing out. Oh and BTW YES my God DID care, thats how I was taught! have a great day.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Great catch!! Maybe the

Great catch!!
Maybe the Pirate does need glasses; that slipped right by.

Diana Currier's picture



 's picture

Who's pushing

Wendy, it's your gang that is doing the pushing. Maine's voters answered this question three years ago, in favor of the right to speak English. The reason it takes a man and a woman to make a marriage is just because that's what the word means. But you keep grinding this axe, working up a case of grievance because other people speak their native language, and you're doing no one any good.

Same-sex couples are perfectly free to do together whatever it is they want to do. They could come up with their own word for it and other people would probably use it, just as they got most people to call them "gay." Or they can call it "marriage," as nobody goes to jail for murdering the English language. But I value using words accurately.

It has nothing to do with anybody's religion, though the way the media handle the issue makes it not surprising that so many people are confused on this point. God didn't make anyone gay, or if you don't believe in God, nature didn't make anyone gay. Nobody is born gay; the scientific evidence is more than convincing. Identical twins have the same genes, but when one of a pair of identical twins is gay, more often than not the other one is straight.

 's picture

Licia, First off i dont have

First off i dont have a "gang". The word marriage and its definition has changed many times over the yrs. most of the scientific community would discount your idea that nobody is born gay. Just because one twin is gay and the other straight does not mean that one twin wasn't born gay. Identical twins are not perfect copies of each other (this is basic biology, you should have learned this in jr. High) often even with identical twins one weighs more at birth, one will be longer, when blood sugar is checked one will be lower, there are tons of differences at birth even to identical twins. I am curious how you think people become gay if their not born that way?

Diana Currier's picture


and gay IS different. I love the commercial on, five generations and we'd love to see what her name marry whats her name.... well your FIVE generations ENDS there doesn't it??

 's picture


Why would 5 generations end there?

Catherine Pressey's picture

Why would?

Well guess if the large family was a small one with just one daughter, the end would be self evident two women can not have a kid, OH yes they allow them to adopt today but so do couples that choose not to marry but made a commitment to each other. But I only wonder how the adopted kid feels, they are maybe a baby or mayber older, they have no right to decide who will raise them. But five generations does end the blood, in that regard. My son was over and the commercial came on TV many many times in the same hour show. Pushy for sure sick for sure, this older woman make a claim about how happy her life had been with the old gent to the right stating similiar. Funny that the daughter that wants the rights is afraid to really be part of the picture and the hopeful bride is in t off to the right. Now I guess they want to stand up for their so called rights but, they put the old folks that will and do love their child no matter what. And with that I agree that they should live and love whom they want, it can begin and end with a piece of paper is that what you are claiming that they can not be happy unless the State of Maine issues a license. And whom willl marry them a Preacher or Minister. And what about the persons that do not want to have the wedding party at their place of business. Like they have to open that door as in the New Hampshire add that a gay couple sued them. Pushy is what you or the gays are. My son said he felt that it is all about the financial, nah it is not. You all want to prove you are normal, and that piece of paper will do that? A license will not make it normal, and if twins are born and one is a little different than the other that is genetic when you come down to it. It is a choice whom you want to love, love can be allusive and no piece of paper will make it for ever. Five generations for sure.

 's picture

My point was that just

My point was that just because a couple of same sex marry, it doesn't mean the generations will stop. Many woman, straight and lesbian opt for sperm banks and men are able to opt for gestational carriers and still have a biological child. So no need to end at 5 generations. I had the best job as a teenager 30 ish years ago, babysitting 2 boys for a wonderful gay couple, they are still together, having married in another state when it became legal. The boys are biologically theirs, and both the boys are grown well adjusted men with wives and children of their own. The men that I babysit for we're big buisness owners and did a lot for the community.
The couple your talking about that were sued, were in fact in VT. Their inn, the wildflower, was in fact sued because of anti discrimination laws in VT, not because same sex marriage is legal. They have a law that their not Ble to discriminate against people in general, not just gays.
I am not a pushy person, I just believe all people should be afforded the right. I will never believe homosexuality is a choice.if you knew how hard it is on the person you wouldn't say that. Oh and FYI I have been married for 20+yrs to my husband. (I'm not gay)..since some people have said I must be gay..

Catherine Pressey's picture

Pushy not gay

First of all glad you think that the line does not stop there. However when two men so call marry they can not have a child without the carrier like you stated, so where now does that leave the child, their mother is not in the picture and her lines, blood lines are still part of the picture. And your so right I may not spell 100 % but you sure got the picture, and like lots of your ideas. They are messed up. So you baby sat a gay couple good for you. Now maybe they were nice people it still does not mean that they needed to so call marry to prove they love each other. And in this time in place they could still adopt like you say without being married. As for the couple in VT. I failed to remember which state, that does not matter a gay couple sued them that is what the add said. Was not the state of VT that sued the Inn, also you say that they are born that way. I can tell you many of us are born for sure, what may have happened could have been a bad experiance as a child. Now I am agreeing that gene's can be messed up. For what ever reason. Your right that if it is in the genes, than maybe they should not pass them on. Truely I am not trying to judge anyones intentions other than to change what marriage is all about. My half sister was gay, now passed away she said they do not need to marry. She and I had many conversations about this issue, you see having that license did not protect that couple you knew or make them stay together their committment did. You say they had lived here in Maine, thererfore their marriage was not rec. in our state. That being said they stayed together, glad for them, I do not wish that any other way. They can live and love whom they wish just do not change the definition of Marriage. Get a Civil Union and leave Marriage allone. You attack we that do not believe this is right you call us narrow Minded you say we discriminate. I say I have met several gays and they are the most discriminating of all people I have first hand experiance and have been discriminated agaist by them. Because if you not gay your not anyone. I am speaking from a family issue, here. I feel they can be mean spirited and hurtful persons. If you not gay there is something wrong with the rest of us. None the less FYI I know how hard my sister had things because she made a choice, she acted on a distorted attraction to the same sex. Most of my observation here is based on facts what happened to her as a child, what happened as an adult. If you say that they are born attracted to the same sex and that makes it normal therefore they should be able to marry the same sex. Then if a adult person is attracted to a child, like pedifiles. Should they then be able to marry a child. Or should we, call that normal, in the big picture even male female couples are attracted to certain persons. Some may like large small thin person red headed, blonde, NOW THAT DOES NOT MAKE A THIN PERSON BETTER THAN A CUBBY ONE. IT IS ALL IN THE MIND. To give a license to someone when it is not necessary for them to live together those old laws were removed of from the books. Was a day when someone could be put in jail for living outside what yes we call normal. I wish them all well and if they finally get this passed here in Maine. I will continue to believe they are making a choice not to love someone for who they are inside. Love the inner person, for in time all outward attractions will waine, as in my dear sisters situation as many of us. I VOTE TO KEEP MARRIAGE BETWEEN ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN. This is my opinion. in the big picture coming from the not spelling so good good day to you.

Diana Currier's picture

i knew

i knew some would say that, but it NOT the same and yeah I DO know how a few adopted girls feel.

Catherine Pressey's picture

adopted kids

Adopted kids should not be made to live in homes that are not letting them have equal knowledge of male female they can not be as well adjusted with out balance. So I understand what you mean, a child that is adopeted will forever question why they were forced into living in that family, gay or otherwise. And always wonder about the part of the family that they never knew. Diana my gay sister had a male friend that I spoke to many times. And he knew how I stood on the gay issue, he is a real nice guy but also he said something that to point. THEY THE GAYS SHOULD NOT EXPECT US STRAIGHT PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND THIS ISSUE. He told me that he did not go out and parade around and yell it from the roof tops. He was older and wiser and had self respect, grace and educated. He did not need to marry to be commited, and felt that for those to push this on us who can not understand in just not right. Adoption does not give the child a choice. The courts place them into this mix without the child having a choice. But how we got here because of Lady Liberty is beyond me. THEY ALL HAVE LIBERTY to love and live as they wish, to bad they push that onto our states and our schools as well.

 's picture

Where did I say adoption?

Where did I say adoption? Frankly I could care less if you know what it's like to be adopted or not. Adoption has nothing to do with the right to marry. I was pointing out that just because your in a same sex marriage doesn't mean you can't give birth to a child, and why would that not be the "same thing"? Generations go on..a biological child, it what doesn't count because the parents are male/female? Because unless you've been in Antarctica you would know that most babies these days are born to single parents, I suppose that isn't the same either.
The God I worship cares that I live the way he would want, he doesn't care about punctuation, anymore than he does about some of your spelling.

Diana Currier's picture

you know what

I am DONE defending myself to you people, and certainly glad you weren't MY babies nurse, later.


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