Equal treatment

I'm confused why some folks shout about keeping government out of their lives while they foist their particular viewpoint, exclusion or loophole on others. Now it's the exclusion of gay folks from equal marriage rights that the rest of us enjoy without thinking.

In the past, it was equal rights for black people; or Japanese people (remember the internment camps?); or Jewish people (remember the Nazis?).

It is the government's job to intervene on behalf of a minority that is being treated unfairly, and to ensure equal rights for everybody. It's too bad that respect and freedom in the USA have to be legislated. If people had behaved well and included everyone with love in their hearts, such extra legislation would not be needed.

But people didn't behave well. Some fired employees for being gay. Some wrote horrible things on their houses. Some bullied gay kids in school. Some beat up and killed others, just for being gay. Lots of people were mean to their neighbors, just for being gay. And some people just didn't pay enough attention.

Such behavior is not acceptable and we must stop it before we poison another generation with hate.

Everyone deserves equal treatment. Gay folks work, pay taxes, raise children, own homes, volunteer, go to school, go to church, go to war. The state Legislature is standing up for them and for all of us.

I encourage others to join me in voting "no" on Question 1, in support of liberty and justice for all.

Dorothy Raymond, Norway

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Linda  Daigle's picture

I will be voting for

I will be voting for marriage .....................to repeal this bill. Other than that, to be honest, after reading all these comments, I don't think either group tries to understand the other at all. So much anger and insults. I will go and vote, know I did was based on thoughtful deliberation and that will be all. Whoever wins, I will not engage in a spitting contest with you. All of you scare me, with your negativity and hatred towards each other. Now come on, respond to me and blame it on the other group.........................geez.........

Joseph Keelan's picture

Correction Madeleine and

Correction Madeleine and this is a detail that most German's would insist upon. The term would be Nazi Concentration Camps, not German. And Dorothy makes an excellent point here. The detention and ultimate destruction of millions of Jews was enacted by a group that sought to destroy Jews and believed them to be of significantly lesser value than themselves. They believed this so strongly that they were willing to murder millions in order to accomplish that goal. But as I've read you previous posts through out this section, I've seen what you believe Maine's gay and lesbians citizens to be. You've accosted them as being perverted and frankly that assertion is cruel and mean spirited. The revulsion you harness regarding homosexuality serves to provide a reader the serious impression that you consider gays and lesbians to be less than worthy in comparison to someone such as yourself. Continually you write in twisted and manufactured screeds and use Maine's gay and lesbian population as the whipping post. At every turn, what you write is nothing more than a virulent diatribe against the validity and the humanity of homosexuals. What we are is insufficient for you. It grates against your moral convictions. Your disdain for same-sex marriage is clear. And ultimately if more people like you were in power (such as the Nazi party was) than I — like Dorothy, would be fearful of something quite similar happening here. Dorothy shouldn't be ashamed. Personally, I'm proud of her — and thankful. I've seen and experienced violence against gays and lesbians in Maine. It's something we should all take seriously. Civil equality is a just and fair step in the right direction.

Joseph Keelan's picture

In order for everyone to

In order for everyone to understand the full depth and breadth of Madeline's posts, I suggest you read as far down as you possibly can. You'll get a more clear view of what she's trying to accomplish. I hope you'll find it illuminating. I sure have.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

This lQQks like a great

This lQQks like a great discussion to join in on, but me and the parrot (and the rest of the crew) have a village to pillage. AARRGHH!!

Joseph Keelan's picture

Sorry lady . . . but I'm not

Sorry lady . . . but I'm not leaving. Perhaps I live right next door to you. Wouldn't that give you a fright. Maine's gays and lesbians are just as much a part of Maine as you are and we contribute in every way shape in form to this place we all love. I thank Dorothy, this letter writer for making that point so clearly and so strongly. Cheers, once again to Dorothy. Thank you.

Joseph Keelan's picture

Listen lady, if you're "not

Listen lady, if you're "not against gays" than I'm a red herring and I can fly. I don't know about you but when somebody labels me a pervert, I'm not all that likely to assume they're "for me" in any way shape or form. Oh, and yeah . . . if this is about same-sex marriage than fine. Vote! But use "perversion" as your reason and then later on expect anyone to believe you as not being "against gays" than don't expect anyone to believe you as being fair minded. No, that wouldn't be you at all. Nope, not in the least.

Joseph Keelan's picture

Would you care then to

Would you care then to comment on the U.S. internment camps forced upon Japanese Americans during WWII? Or how about "Jim Crow" laws. Can you justify how this nation treated generations of Native Americans and how they were forced onto reservations, loosing their land, their identity and their dignity? Do you find an acceptable reason for those events? Are you willing to argue in favor of such ways of treating your fellow citizens? This is about fairness and equality — not your twisted issues regarding sex education, incest and sexuality.

Joseph Keelan's picture

HERE! HERE! Dorothy!

HERE! HERE! Dorothy! Thank you. Excellent points. Great letter.

Joseph Keelan's picture

Outlandish assertions and

Outlandish assertions and totally false. Discrimination against Maine's gay and lesbian citizens has been carefully documented and that information is easily available. And no, civil unions are not the same as marriage in any way shape or form. Furthermore, there is no education program in Massachusetts, New Hampshire or Vermont that "teaches" children now to be homosexual. And there is no plan to have anything remotely resembling your hysterical claim in Maine either. You're trying to scare people with falsity and lies Your claims are offensive and flat out wrong.

Joseph Keelan's picture

What are you nuts or

What are you nuts or something?? That article is about a lack of funding for sex education, not the age of the children being taught sex education. And furthermore, that story had nothing whatsoever to do with students being instructed on how to be a homosexual. What are you trying to do, extract facts from out of the atmosphere? And look. If you have such an issue with sex education and what school grade that curriculum is taught than take the issue up with your local school board. The fact that any school teaches sex education is not at issue here. Same-sex marriage has nothing to do with teaching children. You're trying to foist a diversion in order to promote discrimination. Shame on you.

Joseph Keelan's picture

Ah, no I didn't. I wrote

Ah, no I didn't. I wrote that homosexuality is not being taught as a course in Maine schools or in Mass., NH or VT. But for some reason, you're stuck in your absurd mantra of sex. Is this all it's about for you? Sex? OK, fine then. But it's not a good enough reason.

Joseph Keelan's picture

Sir? Oh please skip those

Sir? Oh please skip those vapid salutations. And as far as angry goes, have you read your posts lately? You're sounding pretty strident yourself there missey. Or should I perhaps say Madam? And if the issue here is sex education than I will state once again that if you have an issue with sex education being taught in Maine classrooms than here is not the forum for that. Take the issue up with your local school board. But to finish the point and to make sure that everyone understands — if not you — that homosexuality is not taught as an instructional course in Maine's sex education classes. As far as the rest of that curriculum, go to your local school board and start a ruckus. You seem to be really good at that.

Mark Wrenn's picture

Yes, we have sex ed in

Yes, we have sex ed in Maine. But where does the curriculum provide for teaching kids to become homosexuals? I didn't know you could "teach" someone to become homosexual.

"A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned to walk forward."
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Mark Wrenn's picture

You sure are hung up on the

You sure are hung up on the whole incest thing. Makes me wonder...

"A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned to walk forward."
Franklin D. Roosevelt

 's picture

I am agreeing with you Lil,

I am agreeing with you Lil, and it makes me wonder if something terrible has happened in Madeline's life. Either way, even though she disagrees with us, I will pray she finds peace. She appears to be a very troubled person.

Joseph Keelan's picture

Tron didn't name call. But

Tron didn't name call. But by all means, go to the Maine.gov web site and request an absentee ballot. That way, you'll have your chance to vote and vote early. And then hopefully, you'll "belt-up".

Mark Wrenn's picture

And seriously consider

And seriously consider counseling.

"A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned to walk forward."
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Joseph Keelan's picture

Excuse me but are you

Excuse me but are you calling homosexuality a perversion? If so than why? Homosexuality is not a perversion much less anything else you might claim, other than a perfectly normal human state of being. And of course, I find it totally offensive that you'd stoop to such a level as to assign your fellow Maine citizens as perverts. That's really mean spirited of you.

Joseph Keelan's picture

OK, so you're labeling

OK, so you're labeling homosexuality as a perversion. It shows everyone who reads these posts the level of your intolerance. Not only is your assertion misplaced, it's mean spirited. Why would you find it so necessary to foist such an aspersion upon your fellow neighbors? You're devaluating Maine's gay and lesbian citizens and casting us down to the level of vermin — or criminals perhaps. Clearly you look down upon us and hold no value for our humanity. And obviously you don't see us as equal to you in any way shape or form. In the case you didn't realize it, that's how some of the most hideous crimes in human history have been enacted — by one group in power that destroys another group because they believe them to be of lesser value; that must be eliminated. Look to this letter writer's excellent points for greater detail. She makes a good point — one I believe you should examine more closely.

Joseph Keelan's picture

So flattering to think that

So flattering to think that you feel I'm trying to intimidate you, because truly I'm not. I wouldn't waste my energy and really now, how in the world could I possibly accomplish that in the first place? But yeah, sure - you think homosexuality is a perversion. And sex between cousins? How does that factor into anything here? And so as obviously as you display your disgust for gay's and lesbians the same is obvious for your issues regarding sexuality in general. Plenty of individuals here have pointed out that your hysterical rants seem to effect nothing more than a mild irritation of the skin. If I could scrape you off I would. But your posts are as offensive as they are noxious. You're really quite a package.

Joseph Keelan's picture

Thank you for the list.

Thank you for the list. It's very helpful.


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