L. Twitchell: Stand up for the children

I was appalled when I read about the third-grader in a New Hampshire school who claimed he is transgender and wants to be able to use the girls' bathroom.

What is wrong with the boy's parents?

How low has this world sunk when a child is able to dictate his wants to an entire school system? He is not old enough to know much about anything that serious. What message is being sent to all the other children in that school?

Make no mistake, if people don't start standing up for children and do what is right and decent, wickedness and perversion will continue to permeate every aspect of society.

Thank God that at least one parent complained.

Linda Twitchell, Newry

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Jason Theriault's picture

Yes, let's get to shunning him.

I mean, why wait? Lets get started right now telling him that what he feels is wrong and he should feel bad about it. Doesn't matter that this might just be a phase. Better to bury it deep like a good American, and force oneself to like football and girls.

And lets get on those parents too. I mean, they only live with the child, raising him and teaching him. They clearly don't know whats best for him. I mean, instead of shunning him like proper Americans, they are trying to let him figure out who he is.

Now, you know who really knows how to raise kids? Islamic fundamentalists. They would have just stoned him for this. Now them fundamentalists know how to be real Americans


You presume to know a lot about a child and parents whom you've never met.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Correct Linda. Little to no

Correct Linda. Little to no consideration is given to the majority of the kids who are not gender confused.

Perhaps the school should let gender confused students use the teacher's facilities and let the majority of the students do their jobs without duress.


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