J. Lundy: A right to disapprove

Regarding a Sun Journal article on Oct. 23 about the controversy that arose when the Treworgy family of Levant put a sign on their property that urged voters to check off "no" on the same-sex marriage issue, it is unfortunate that the family gave in to pressure to remove the sign because someone told them it was "hurtful."

Whenever we take a political/moral stand on an issue, people who disagree with us will be hurt. This does not mean that we should keep our opinions to ourselves, however.

Hurt feelings are one of the consequences of living in a democratic society where free speech is protected.

Just as same-sex supporters are offended by those who advocate voting "no" on Question 1, so people who defend traditional marriage are offended by those who urge others to vote "yes" and change the definition of marriage — a relationship that was established thousands of years ago as being between male and female.

Those people who propose same-sex marriage have a right to express their beliefs, but those who oppose it and encourage others to vote "no" have an equal right to do so.

Johnette Lundy, Norway

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RONALD RIML's picture

If you oppose 'Same Sex Marriage'

Then don't engage in it for yourself.

If you oppose it for others - keep your damn nose out of their business - and let them enjoy the same state mandated marital rights and privileges that you enjoy.

Or risk being known for your bigotry.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Yes, sir...tolerance is alive

Yes, sir...tolerance is alive and well.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Well said Johnette, well

Well said Johnette, well said!


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